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no cotton candy? August 26, 2006

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so, thursday i started my first scarf for the think pink challenge and i was SO CLOSE to being done last night, but i ran out of yarn. i was sad, let me tell you. there is nothing like finishing a knitting project late at night and then scrambling to take photos because you can’t wait to show everyone. ^^ but, since i didn’t have enough yarn to finish, i thought to myself, “i’ll just go to walmart/michaels tomorrow and pick up more” which sounded really good. the problem: even though i bought the yarn from walmart originally, neither they nor michaels seemed to still have it. since i happen to still need it to finish up, mom said she’d mail some to me (that’s a pain, isn’t it O_O). BUT that left me without a WIP and on a saturday, too… so i started my second think pink scarf AND finished it, all in one afternoon. it was quite exciting. but, anyway, on to the project: (sorry my camera’s so bad…)

zig-zag scarf
yarn: bernat soft boucle color soft rose
needles: size 15
size: ~63in long, 4in wide
modifications? i used size 15 needles and doubled the yarn, so to make up for larger size, i only cast on ten stitches. i added a little flower onto the end, too.
opinion: i love this scarf! it feels so soft and warm. i would want it if i didn’t already have scarves x 100000 and i hadn’t knit it specifically for charity… ^^

i used basically the entire skein, having only enough yarn left to make another flower and a small, pathetic little pompom. it’s sitting on my desk now. ^^


2 Responses to “no cotton candy?”


    Flower embellishment: It was sooo long ago – 3ply yarn and 2.5mm needles (I think).

  2. Ren Says:

    my first comment! i’m really excited! ^___^ thanks for the information!

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