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two more scarves done! September 1, 2006

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yesterday when i was browsing through blogs, i stumbled across Robin’s and she was having a contest… so i left a comment. little did i know i’d meet someone so nice! i didn’t win the contest, but she’s sending everyone who entered a bar of handmade soap!! i’m excited! even her pictures make the soap look wonderful!

it’s finally the weekend! my single point speech (on knitting! haha) went better than i thought it would this morning… people even laughed a few times! but now they know i’m obsessed, haha. then the quiz in accounting that i was dreading seemed to go pretty well, too. i may have missed a point or two, but i didn’t draw any major blanks. class ran a few minutes late today, but everyone made it seem like she was talking for WAY too long. it was annoying to hear while i was trying to listen.

i got the yarn to finish my second pink scarf yesterday. unfortunately… it wasn’t quite the same color or even texture. luckily, though, the part i hadn’t finished was on the back, so you can’t see it too much. but still… i feel pretty bad about that! I probably looked so silly blocking the scarves, though! i bought an iron last week, but i didn’t buy an ironing board because i didn’t want to carry it all the way back to the dorm and it didn’t have thick enough padding to stick t-pins in anyway, so it would’ve been a bit useless. instead, i used a rug with a towel over it, but the pins didn’t stick too well in that, either. too bad i didn’t take the mini one mom offered before i moved here… *sniffle*

heart scarf one
pattern: from the breast cancer special surprise from knitty
yarn: lion brand homespun color cotton candy
needles: US 10.5
size: ~60in x 5in
modifications?: i used a different yarn and needles, and therefore did 30 total pattern repeats (15 per side)
opinion: i really like how bright and light this scarf is… it would be quite warm without being really bulky. i was pretty bummed about the dye lot problem, though.

heart scarf two
pattern: from the breast cancer special surprise from knitty
yarn: lion brand jiffy color light pink (2 skeins)
needles: US 15
size: ~48in x 7in
modifications?: i doubled the yarn to get a similar gauge and only did 16 pattern repeats (8 on each side) because that was how much yarn i had
opinion: this scarf is so soft and sweet… really warm, too!

i finally ordered mason-dixon knitting today. i’ve been wanting it since i checked it out from the library, but i didn’t get up the resolve until this afternoon. randy got it for me since his family is amazon prime (cheap AND free shipping), so YAY!

um, i’m going to start allowing anonymous comments, i think, since some of my friends don’t have blogger usernames. if i get spammed or anything like that, then i’ll stop but we’ll see how it goes. ^^


3 Responses to “two more scarves done!”

  1. Randy Says:

    cool, speech on knitting. definitely a different topic. and nice job on the scarves! can’t wait til i get some more knitted stuff from you. and ha! i’m the first to comment.

  2. Robin Says:

    For blocking your knitted goodies, you might want to buy a piece of insulation board – RMax or whatever – at Lowes or other home supply or hardware store. I think it would be cheap enough, very lightweight, and you could store it under your bed or stand it up against the wall. Lay it down, spread a towel over it, great flat surface to steam your knitted item and easy to pin to. Love the scarves!!! Nice design for the cause.

  3. Ren Says:

    robin, i was actually going to try to figure out what type of board i’d seen people use for blocking… thanks for the tip! i’ll have to look into it tomorrow when i’m out!

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