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saturday September 3, 2006

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yesterday was the first game of the football season here at UF. apparently we ended up beating mississippi? but anyway, i was amazed (as i always am) by the obsession with gator football around here. this is not in any way limited to students, there are PLENTY of small children, middle age adults, older adults, etc, you name it, they go to football games. not only do they GO to these games… they tailgate, they bring their RVs, they have special gator Ford family golf carts (or whatever those things are called), they have gator garb galore, they are EVERYWHERE. UF is not a small place… but it is entirely consumed with football fans on game day. i don’t know if i will ever understand this obsession, since i don’t really like football. even if i did like football, i can’t see myself going so overboard. i should’ve taken pictures of the excitement.

on a separate gator football related note… pepsi makes free shirts for season ticket holders, right? well, this year (the 100th anniversary of UF football, apparently) they made a little boo-boo. they put the year (in roman numerals) as XXVI, which, if you look at it closely enough, is 26. what they meant to say was MMVI, or 2006. they handed out a few thousand of the shirts before they realized the problem and apparently they are going to fix it. how silly!

yesterday was saturday (obviously) and saturday is my shopping/errand day. things did not go well. i stayed up pretty late friday night working on instant elite with paola and i’ve been working really hard on schoolwork all week, so i didn’t get up as early as i should have to go out. this was bad for a few reasons. because i take the bus, i didn’t have time to go to both the mall and butler plaza (a big strip mall with the likes of walmart, publix, michaels, lowes, etc etc), so i had to just go to butler plaza because i needed food. it was horribly hot outside (i even got sunburnt a little! blah!) and i was walking around and everything. when i was waiting for the bus, i started to get that feeling like i might pass out, but i couldn’t really do anything about it. i tried to sit down and take deep breaths and stuff, but i had to get on the bus. somehow i managed to get on and seated. i lost my vision for a few seconds and i know i was pretty close to passing out, but maybe the a/c on the bus revived me a bit. when i was walking back to the dorm with all my food and stuff, which is about fifteen to twenty walking minutes away from the bus stop, i was just trying to make it, trying to get back here, and some guy tells me to “smile. your face won’t break.” and i had to walk away quickly because i was so worried and exhausted and unhappy that it made me cry. O_O BUT i made it back to the dorm and had some food (which may have been the culprit) and everything turned out at least semi-ok. i got a new dress while i was out! it was only $15 at goody’s. too bad it needs the new dress shoes that i couldn’t find. *sigh* i suppose there’s always next weekend for that…

on a random note, did you know that you can freeze and eat poptarts? i mean, obviously you could, but it’s now on the packaging as “tastes delicious frozen.” with a claim like that, i HAD to try it. they were ok, the stuff in the middle was kind of chewy. overall, i think i like my poptarts better toasted. especially at breakfast-time.

i knit up the saturday market bag yesterday, too, but i just realized the time and i have to go meet a girl in accounting for a project in a few minutes, so i’ll post all about that later today (i promise!).


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