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i won a contest!!!!!! September 4, 2006

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so, i was at the mason-dixon KAL on saturday (i really should just join that thing, i read it so often!) and Splinderella was having a contest… AND I WON!! i’m really excited! i haven’t ever actually won a contest before… ^^ so, now i have all kinds of goodies coming in the mail soon (soap from robin, mason-dixon from amazon, a surprise from splinderella, postcards from friends for the swap)! i LOVE getting mail of all kinds and sizes!

in knitting news, i finished up a ballband dishcloth today, but i realize that maybe people don’t get quite as excited over my finishing a dischloth as i do… so i think i’m going to wait to post pictures of it until i finish up a few more or something. i have LOTS of sugar n’ cream and love to use it! since i finished that, i cast on for my fourth (and final) scarf for the think pink challenge. this one is just double stranded homespun in garter stitch, so its going really quickly. i’m probably at least halfway done already. it seems really basic, but i do like garter stitch scarves and the homespun makes it pretty soft, too. i hope to have that package out in the mail later this week. ^^


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