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pink scarves done! September 6, 2006

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apparently, procrastinating on schoolwork provides the ideal backdrop for fanatic knitting. yes, i already knew this. yes, this is a bad habit. yes, friday morning in that accounting exam i may be regretting it. but, you see, the allure of a finished object is just too great for that to even matter. packaging up those finished pieces to send off is almost as satisfying. with that, i give you think pink scarf number four and the collection preparing to be mailed. yay!

garter scarf (pink scarf #4)
pattern: just garter stitch, 10 stitches cast on, worked till yarn was gone
yarn: lion brand homespun color cotton candy (double stranded)
needles: size 15
size: ~57 in x 4in
modifications: n/a
comments: basic, but functional.

and here, in case you missed them, are all four pink scarves together, awaiting transport to virginia in an inside-out toaster box.

aren’t the sweet, all lined up together? ^____^ makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

unfortunately, mom just HAD to mention that at church at home someone mentioned a family with a new little baby boy… the person at church was collecting things for the family, since they don’t have enough money for all the baby stuff. can you see where this is going yet? really, i do love knitting things for other people, but my christmas list of knitting is NOT getting any smaller this way. actually, i do adore knitting charity things (i mean, i’m not having a baby any time soon and i sure hope none of my friends are… so who else can i knit baby items for? and it sure doesn’t get cold enough here to warrant a scarf collection ^^), which may be why at this very moment i have finished one navy baby bootie and an adorable white bunny. one more bootie to go! and maybe a burp cloth or bib or kimono courtesy of my new mason-dixon book… hahahaha. i’m so addicted…


One Response to “pink scarves done!”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    Beautiful scarves, Ren! Be on the lookout — your Mystery Prize Package is on its way to you as I write! :))))

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