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some baby things! September 10, 2006

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so, i’ve had these things knit up for a few days now, but i was waiting for the whole little baby collection to be done. unfortunately, i ran out of yarn on my second bootie, so i’ll have to wait to finish those up and take pictures. i knit a purse yesterday, too, but i have to get handles and lining to finish up. mom’s actually sending me the stuff to get all this done, though, so that’s really exciting. ^^ wonder what she’ll pick out for me?

fluffy bunny
yarn: lion brand wool-ease color white and darice dessert color white
needles: size 9 straights
size: umm… 6in long by 5in tall (w/ears)
modifications?: i used different yarn and needles to get a slightly larger, fluffy size
comments: this is my second one of these bunnies and they’re so cute, except they have big butts, HAHA. this one feels so soft and fluffy. oh, and i think he may get a bow around his neck, maybe, but mom will probably have to do that…

infant hat
pattern: children’s cotton hats from last minute knitted gifts (joelle hoverson)
yarn: bernat cotton tots color sunshine (hehehe, sunshine! ^^)
needles: size 7 double pointed (set of 5)
size: infant
modifications: nothing, really. just the yarn.
comments: it’s so soft and cottony. i really like it. it’s a bit girlier than i had intended, but i’m sure there’s a baby girl out there who could wear this hat, so… no worries.

the weekend is over already… can’t say it was the greatest, but oh well. a bunch of my white/light load of laundry got rust stains on them when i was washing, and one white shirt seems to be ruined-ish (there may be hope in bleach, but bleach is SCARY), but i suppose it will be ok.


One Response to “some baby things!”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    Glad you liked your surprise package, Ren! I hope you’ll post some pics of whatever you eventually make with the yarns…. :)

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