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finally! September 16, 2006

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has it really been a week since i posted last? as paola would say, the karmic gods have been very angry with me. there have been many knitting-related mishaps in the last week, but there are finally some new finished objects. yay!

OH! and i got my surprises from linda and robin on monday; they are wonderful! linda sent five skeins of various lovely yarns (2 skeins patons evita, and 1 skein each of knitpicks palette, bernat frenzy, and sugar ‘n cream) that i can’t wait to find projects for! robin sent a bar of “lemon drop” soap and a sliver of “an apple a day” soap and they smell and feel wonderful! it was all very exciting!

cable purse
yarn: lion brand wool-ease thick & quick color navy
needles: size 15 straights
size: 10in x 7in (not including handles)
modifications?: um, i used different yarn and went up a needle size to accomodate that. i also added about 16 extra rows for a larger size.
comments: the knitting went quite smoothly. everything else… well. there were problems. i ran out of yarn (note the use of ribbon to attach the handles), i managed to cut a bit of the knitting trying to get some seaming out (but it’s all hidden under the lining), the thread i was using to hand-sew all of this kept breaking (i scowled and continued on after knotting it off in various ways), i poked myself with my sewing needle multiple times (*points to cuts on thumb*), and, of course, there were other problems. BUT i love the end result and can’t wait to use it! mom sent me the handles and lining cloth (which is actually flowers) and i wasn’t 100% sure i liked them, but they’ve definitely grown on me! i’m glad to have this project finally completed!

nine-patch dishcloth
pattern: mason-dixon knitting ( then scroll down a bit) yarn: peaches & creme colors white and orange sherbet
needles: size 7 straights
size: um, typical dishcloth size
modifications: none, really
comments: this was my first experience with miters and i really liked them. i really prefer knitting ballband dishcloths, though, to me they go much faster and do have such a nice rhythm (plus there are WAY fewer ends to weave in). this cloth goes with a ballband in the same colors that (along with some not-yet-knit coasters) will be my great-aunt’s christmas present. her favorite colors are yellow and orange, so… i’m pretty sure she’ll like them. yay for getting a bit of a head start on christmas!


2 Responses to “finally!”

  1. jase0517 Says:

    And you two call yourself Christians. Karma gods don’t exist! Don’t let the Devil plague you with negativity! :)

    Ooh, nice prizes.

  2. Ren Says:

    *sigh* jase… its just an expression. AHAHAHA

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