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more finished objects ^^ September 18, 2006

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so, i’m sick. i woke up yesterday with a runny, stuffy nose and it has only worsened. luckily, it’s still just a nose thing. i will probably get lucky enough that it progresses, though. blaaaah. i hate being sick! i did have chicken noodle soup for dinner, though, and had juice with lots of vitamin c in it. then i ate a little bit of chocolate ice cream… but it was SO sad because i couldn’t even taste it *sniffles.* hopefully it will be over soon!

i got a sweet thank-you note from sydney, coordinator for the think pink challenge, in the mail today for the scarves i sent in. i really didn’t expect that! ^___^ i sure hope she meets her goal!

and now for the knitting:

infant cotton hat (#2)
pattern: children’s cotton hats from last minute knitted gifts by joelle hoverson
yarn: lily sugar ‘n cream color jewels and a hot pink i-cord
needles: size 7dpns
size: baby
modifications?: i used the dishcloth cotton instead of the cotton the pattern called for and the i-cord was probably a bit thicker than the pattern, but oh well!
comments: i was SO iffy about the colors of this hat (would they look tie-dye?) and if the i-cord would match (thanks linda!) but it turned out so well! i really like it and think it would look pretty cute on a little baby girl.

baby booties
pattern: baby’s best booties from knitting the easy way by terry kimbrough (i think?)
yarn: lily sugar ‘n cream color navy
needles: size 5 straights
size: 3-6 months
modifications?: n/a
comments: they are going to have a ribbon or something around the ankle so they’ll stay on the baby’s foot better, but other than that i really like them! they’re cute and soft and cushy. ^^

red scarf
pattern: n/a, just garter stitch (one strand of each yarn all held together)
yarn: lion brand fun fur red, lion brand wool-ease red (with speckles), random horribly red acrylic
needles: size 35 straights
size: 4.5in x 58in (but it’s really stretchy)
comments: i’ll admit… i knit this scarf up simply because i wanted to try out the size 35s that mom sent me. i had all this red yarn in my stash from my grandma’s failed attempt at learning to knit, and i figured what the heck. there’s gotta be someone out there who would like a fun fur scarf. but here’s the thing: i kinda like it now. no, i wouldn’t wear it, but it isn’t horrendous, the bright red acrylic is well hidden, the fun fur isn’t particularly itchy (at all!), AND i finished off the entire rest of the fun fur skein, leaving only semi-minimal amounts of the other two yarns. i love stash reduction (and i need to do a lot more of it! my goal is to be able to get all the knitting stuff in my one tub again!) and i LOVE how quickly the scarf goes on the 35s. a scarf in under two hours? knowing it only really took that long because the fur got tangled up a bunch of times? exciting! i was thinking i’d send this scarf home and see if mom can find someone who wants it… or maybe she could sell it at her next santa show? she sculps gorgeous santas. i’ll have to post one sometime. ^^


3 Responses to “more finished objects ^^”

  1. jase0517 Says:

    Hope you get better! *hugs*

  2. Splindarella Says:

    I LOVE how you used the I-cord! Actually, I can’t take credit for it — I got it in the MDK warshrag swap from Elizabeth of the Bad Kitty Blog ( It looks just adorable on the hat; I’m so glad it’s finally found a “home”. :)


    Gorgeous baby items! Re: knitted flower – I used 3mm needles and fingering weight yarn.

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