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yes, this is procrastination speaking. September 24, 2006

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i have to give a speech tomorrow morning. my speech is about “the ways of wal-mart.” it is not very nice to wal-mart. i feel like i should at least feel bad when i shop there after my research, but i don’t. i was there on saturday. i bought things. i won’t lie. yes, i would go to joanns for fabric if i could get to joanns. yes, i would buy a hammer at lowe’s if wasn’t so far to walk. i would also frequent target if it wasn’t so far away. there is even a yarn store in gainesille, but it is pretty far away. i don’t have a car… i have lots of things to carry a very long way. so i shop at wal-mart. fine, maybe i was a bit guilty.

i spent friday knitting like crazy. well, i spend a lot of time knitting like crazy, but i have a whole bunch of finished objects for you (as usual). i started a handtowel from mason-dixon (moss grid), using dishcloth cotton, for use as a dishtowel, but it’s probably going to take a little while to finish (i’m 1/12 of the way there, yay!) so i may post some things i’ve finished in the past that i want to be able to send into galleries of those patterns. depends on how ambitious i am. or how much more i want to procrastinate.

saturday market bag (#2)
yarn: lily sugar ‘n cream color sage (as far as i know, since it’s a mill end)
needles: size 15 straights and size 11 circulars
size: it stretches like CRAZY… you should see market bag #1’s current load
modifications: just the needles, like i mentioned last time
comments: the colors of the pics don’t really seem to do this bag justice… its a darker green, and very pretty. this bag is going to be part of my grandma’s christmas present, along with the dishtowel i mentioned starting and some dishcloths. i must be crazy for starting this early, haha. BUT i love this bag, too. except i can’t keep it… *sniffle*

pattern: just garter stitch shashbuster
yarn: lion brand wool-ease thick ‘n quick color sky blue; the collection SRK it’s kool shade 7013 (don’t worry, i’d never heard of this stuff either… it was gifted to me), both held together
needles: size 35 straights
size: umm… i didn’t measure. but it’s pretty short and fairly wide
comments: this actually makes a very nice looking neckwarmer… i was iffy (as i often am) and just knitted until there was no more yarn. two less skeins in my bin now! i’m going to add a button so it will stay closed and warm.

evita scarf
yarn: patons evita color costa (one skein)
needles: size 15 straights
size: very very long. and thin. (yes, i’m lazy with the tape measure tonight)
modifications?: um, basically i used the stitch pattern and modified the rest
comments: this yarn was pretty hard to work with, actually, because the little squares tended to catch and stuff… but this yarn FEELS so good that it was worth it. this scarf would probably be for a mildly cold day, but that’s ok because it’s florida and florida is like that. oh, and it matches my winter blazer. ^^ (thanks, linda!)

origami pocket pouch
pattern: here (it’s too long to fit on one line and messes blogger up O_O)
comments: this was a little sewing project that i saw and realized i had to do! its gingham and little bees (mary engelbreit). what’s really cool (and it’s hard to see in the pics, note the eraser in the pocket in the first pic) is that there are little triangular pockets. mm, i love it. AND i did the sewing entirely by hand (i have no machine here), which makes it even better. AND i’m going to give it to a friend who’s birthday was today. it’s great all around! oh, the bag is about 5in square and it’s pretty reversible, as you can see. ^_________^


3 Responses to “yes, this is procrastination speaking.”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    Ren, I *love* your market bag! I think I’m going to have to look up the pattern and make one of my own. And I’m so glad you like the way the Evita scarf turned out! You picked a great pattern; it really shows off the yarn and your handiwork. :))))

  2. Jodie Says:

    I put you in the gallery! Love the bag and I’m glad your enjoying it so much. Good job on the sewing project. I really like sewing by hand myself. I’m definitely have a certain sense of pride for my hand sewn objects.

  3. Jane Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife and will be reading it again. It was such a fascinating book. Love your market bag – and I’ve had the yarn to make the cable bag for so long – you’ve inspired me to cast on for it!

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