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wednesday! September 27, 2006

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so, last night was an accounting test of dooooom. my cash flow statement wouldn’t balance and it made me so very sad… BUT i am not going to dwell on it right now, because i can’t do anything about it at the moment and we’ll know our grades on friday and i have so much other accounting work to do that i don’t have much time to slow down. yes, this entry is part of the it’s-not-fair-that-i-have-more-homework relaxation/procrastination time. oh, and about my speech? it went well, as far as i know. going absolutely first at 9:35 on a monday morning seems to give the professor a bit of sympathy. or i hope it does, anyway.

i am finally getting to send off the baby items and scarves that i’ve been posting about recently. it’s pretty exciting because not only will they be out of my little room, they will be getting to the baby before he has grown out of them. yaaay!

the purpose of today’s entry is actually to post about an mp3 player cozy i knit up last month for a friend…

RCA lyra cozy
yarn: patons classic wool color bright red (and some bits of embroidery floss)
needles: size 3 straights
size: to fit the lyra (3.2in x 2in x .5in)
modifications: umm… LOTS. heck, i even made a new chart for this thing.. my first chart ever, i might add. the lyra has lots of buttons… each requiring a hole… on the top, bottom, side, front, everywhere! mostly i used the pattern for the general idea and had to modify everything else (it’s a really good pattern, though, and helped me along immensely).
comments: my best friend, paola, wanted a cozy for her crazily non-ipod mp3 player, so i directed her to the knitting pattern central site and told her to choose something that she’d like. of course she had to pick the most complicated pattern available, right? but she wanted to be able to use her player while it was in the case and, not having an ipod, there weren’t really any commercially made. because i am so sweet (HAHAHA, mostly because i SO love to knit), i agreed and this cozy was born. in those pictures, it isn’t her actual lyra, because she lives in texas… i made a true scale model out of balsa wood and pictures she sent (yes, i’m crazy). i’m really pretty happy with it… the click wheel is a bit strange, because it stretches width wise but is already long enough length wise, but it’s ok. my favorite part is the embroidery. ^___^ oh, and she said she hasn’t taken it off since i sent it, which is probably the highest sort of compliment. yay!

ok, it’s now back to that awful homework stuff. blah.


6 Responses to “wednesday!”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    Congratulations on your speech, and the cozy looks great! Now, get back to doing that homework…. ;-)

  2. jase0517 Says:

    Haha, I would ask for an iPod one but I always keep my iPod on its clip, so a thick knitted case wouldn’t be very smart. :)

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Love the iPod cozy! Nice job on the lil flower thing. I never can get embroidery too look anywhere near nice.

  4. Nora (Black Dog Knits) Says:

    Cute cozy – I can’t embroider to save my life!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow… the i-cord thing is really cool. That little i-cord went from Kentucky to New York to Florida! What a well-travelled i-cord!

  6. Kaitlin Says:

    Kudos on making it custom! I just finished my very own, it’s such a great pattern!

    *yeah.. I know this post is from like.. 6 months ago, it just looks so great.

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