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brrr… October 1, 2006

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i. am. always. cold. always. it is still summer, and i am in my dorm wearing two pairs of socks, jeans, and a sweater. this morning i had a cup of hot tea. this evening the fire alarm went off and i stood outside, complete with sweater, totally comfortable. i live in florida. this should be unnatural. i find that my feet are usually cold even under layers of socks, even when the socks have been on my feet for hours. when they do get warm, if i take the socks off, they go from fine to freezing in a matter of seconds. if i drink water (which i love), i go from normal to freezing and shivering within minutes. i went to visit a friend in hawaii at the beginning of summer and the water was so cold i could hardly stand it (yes, more shivering). we were snorkeling at a coral reef and all i could think of was that this water is so COLD. i think my internal heater is somehow broken. now, wait, don’t get me wrong, i do get hot…. this often takes the form of passing out or near passing out (see that scar on my chin? passed out and fell over, onto gravel, at a flea market, in indiana). anyway, what was i saying? oh yeah, the internal heater. broken, i’m sure. i don’t really know why… maybe i just have bad circulation or there isn’t enough fat to keep me warm…

BUT yesterday i was knitting my on my dishtowel (only two repeats left = 5/6 done!) and my fingers were hurting, so i got out the size 15s and frenzy and started knitting a simple garter stitch scarf, only it was gone by the time i got to two feet. so, i thought, maybe another neckwarmer? the yarn was so soft to my fingers, but it itched at the neck a bit (i think my neck may be sensitive… but anyway), so i put it in the knitting bag, away for later. later came much more quickly than anticipated. upon getting into bed, freezing feet in tow, i realized… couldn’t i make that scarf into a heating pad? that i could warm up and put by my toes at night when they’re so cold. the yarn is soft on the toes (but it does shed like crazy!) and i have lots of leftover rice and lavender from my pocket creature last winter. also, it will cool down, so i won’t be hot in the middle of the night, as happens when i wear socks to bed. thus, it was born. i haven’t tried it yet, but tonight…. tonight will be the test. good idea or bad? warm toesies or not?

**sorry… my camera really is horrible. usually you can’t tell quite so much, but you really can with these and i can’t do much about it**

yarn: bernat frenzy color loonie lilac (thanks again, linda)
needles: size 15 straights
size: 10.5in x 5in
modifications: like i said above, i didn’t really follow this pattern at all, but it gave me the initial idea, so i’m crediting it anyway.
comments: see above. ^^

in other news… the accounting test of doom actually went much better than expected, but only because there was an eighteen point curve (i got 97, you can do that math for my original score O_O). my final exam for that class is already monday the 9th. scary! if you’re puzzled, this course is modular, so i have two courses within the semester. there’s a really bizarre curving thing at the end, though, so i’m hoping i’ll be ok for the A.

my mom got a bunch of my knitting this morning and she gave the pink i-cord hat to a visitor at church who she said had an adorable little baby girl. the hat finally has a real home! that’s exciting.

look forward to my finished dishtowel and a random survey from the family reunion committee coming soon (as in, probably my next entry, haha).


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  1. Splindarella Says:

    Wow, the Frenzy knitted up really nicely! I *love* your idea; I have one of those neckwarmer thingies filled with rice, but it’s only covered in cloth…having a nice, snuggly knitted cover is a great idea. Enjoy your toasty toes! :)

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