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dishtowel and randomness! October 3, 2006

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so, yesterday, guess what? ok, well, i should probably explain first, since i already got a blank look from my suitemate when i just blurted out that i grew squash. oh, wait. heh. i’m in a vegetable gardening class (it’s for credit, too, how cool!) and we have our own plots and everything. i got to pick my first two squash (how do you pluralize squash? is it just squash? squashes?) yesterday and it was really exciting. my zucchini are coming along and i have little baby cucumbers and a pepper and some of my other things are starting to come up, as well. yay! unfortunately, i don’t know how to cook squash and i don’t even know if i like it and no one else really seems to like it, haha. any ideas?

besides that, i finished up the dishtowel last night and i’m really liking it. the edges curl over some, but maybe after i vinegar and wash it, it will get a little bit better. sadly, this is one of the biggest projects i’ve finished in a while, haha. usually i stick to smaller stuff.

mason-dixon dishtowel
pattern: moss grid hand towel from mason-dixon knitting by kay gardiner and ann shayne
yarn: lily sugar ‘n cream color sage (mill ends)
needles: size six straights (my first project with bamboo! exciting)
size: 14.5in x 22.5in
modifications?: i used dishcloth cotton instead of the linen (much cheaper!) and so it is larger and denser. also, i’ll be gifting it as a dishtowel for the kitchen rather than as a handtowel for the bathroom (even though the habitat picture shows it in my bathroom… yes this bathroom is pink-tiled).
comments: mm, i’m really pleased with it and hope grandma will like it, too. i’m going to make some dishcloths to go with it.

oh! i almost forgot! my footwarmer didn’t really do much for my feet (they are such permanent ice cubes!) but it feels really good warming the rest of me! it will be especially nice in winter when it’s even colder.

i was looking through the folder of pictures labeled “random” and came across this one of my dog, shado (isn’t she cuuuute… even though she’s mean to me… i do miss them and home, though).


6 Responses to “dishtowel and randomness!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Squash is really yummy sliced very thin and sauteed in butter (or other fat of your chosing) with a little sprinkle of garlic powder and salt. Let it get just a tiny bit browned. (a college friend served me this many years ago!) OR just steam it until tender (it cooks pretty quick- don’t let it get mushy!) and add some butter and salt. If it hangs around too long it can get a bitter flavor. And you don’t have to peel that kind of squash…

  2. Lynne Says:

    oh- and fabulous towel- it looks nice in the cotton!

  3. Splindarella Says:

    Great moss grid towel! I tried making one in Euroflax but frogged it when I got down to size 2s and it still wasn’t tight enough to suit me.

    Oh, and if you’re growing zucchini, I’ll send you a recipe for out-of-this-world zucchini brownies. I kid you not — it sounds awful but they truly rock!

  4. Splindarella Says:

    OK, the zucchini brownie recipe is up on my blog. Let me know what you think! :)

  5. Jane Says:

    Love your dishtowel. I’ve been wanting to make one out of the less expensive cotton. Now that I see how nice it came out I will try it. You left a message on my blog about the teacup. I didn’t have a problem with the edges curling after it was felted. While it is still pretty wet, stretch it over a glass – one with a rounded bottom works well. Besides the one on my blog made with the knitpicks memories, I made one with Patons wool, using one strand and that felted fine too. I’ll check back on your blog to see how yours came out!

  6. jase0517 Says:

    Generally, the plural of “squash” is “squash,” but “squashes” is accepted as well.

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