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tea, anyone? October 6, 2006

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hmm, first things first. last night i fried up my squashies (what’s the difference between frying and saute-ing, anyway?) and had some. i don’t think i like squash, haha. i usually don’t try vegetables of any kind, though, so even taking the effort to cook it and then eat it was kind of a big deal. the first few pieces were ok, but then it started tasting not so good. oh well! i’m still excited for the zucchini and linda’s recipe.

this weekend is UF homecoming. i am rather unexcited, but, to illustrate how big a deal this is here in gainesville, classes are cancelled every year the day before homecoming. how cool is that? i got a four-day weekend. ^^ unfortunately, i have a final exam on monday. blaaaah. stupid accounting. O_O

i have, however, been busy knitting (as usual). i have learned that dishcloths are my comfort knit. when i fail at other projects in one way or another, i feel i have to somehow prove my kniting worthiness, and bam, out come the dishcloths. dishcloths also serve as calm, easy knits between other, scarier projects. i have knit 2.5 dishcloths in the last four days (plus the finished object below). i am very lucky that i know many people who like receiving dishcloths. i am also very lucky that dishcloth cotton is cheap and that i have a lot of it. haha. moving on (before i stop and pick up the needles out of sheer dishcloth love).

any guesses as to what this is? this is why i was a bit apprehensive before i felted… they look a bit funny. but i shouldn’t have worried…

they felted and blocked out quite well… i put them through the wash twice (it’s all the money i had left on my vending account) and i can still see the stitch definition. the only other thing i’ve ever really felted came out that way, too. how many times does it usually take to felt completely? mine are a little flimsier than i’d hoped they’d be… maybe this is due to the incomplete felting? but i really do like how they turned out, anyway. this with a starbucks card and one christmas present is done. whoo!

felted teacup and saucer
yarn: knitpicks palette color green (thanks again, linda!)
needles: size 8 dpns
size: umm… saucer: 1in x 5in; cup 3in x 4in
modifications: just the yarn (and that’s hardly a modification)
comments: see above ^^

that is all i have tonight… it’s been a blah kind of day, but there’s always tomorrow, right?


3 Responses to “tea, anyone?”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    I like your knitted teacup and saucer! Did you felt it with other rough things in the wash, like some jeans, an old sneaker or 2, maybe some tennis balls…? It’s always taken me many washes and sometimes my things don’t felt too well, but I have a front loader and I’ve heard the top loaders felt much better. You can always try hand felting — put your pieces over a form (the way it looks like you have your cup blocking over something, set up some hot water and some cold water, put on rubber gloves to protect your hands and use soap and water to scrub the pieces until they felt. I’ve direct-felted several things using this method and it always works really well.

    Oh, and as for tea, I just found some “Chocolate Tea” in Trader Joe’s today. Don’t know how it tastes (haven’t had a chance to try it yet) but it sounds delish….

  2. Nora (Black Dog Knits) Says:

    Too cute! x

  3. Jane Says:

    I think your teacup and saucer came out great. The teacup I made with the two strands of knitpicks memories took a little longer to felt than the one I made with one strand of Patons Classic Wool. That felts in 5-10 minutes in my washer. But with things that take longer – I don’t put them through the whole cycle, I keep turning back the dial to the beginning of the wash cycle until they are done. I guess you can’t do that with a commercial washer. I love the starbucks gift certificate idea with the teacup!

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