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zucchini (& ballband miters) October 9, 2006

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today was another veggie gardening class, and this week i got to bring back a few zucchini and a little squash. one of my zucchini is mammoth. it is over a foot long! you don’t really want the veggies to be so big, because they have less flavor, but last week it was little and this week it was huge! the second zucchini is a decent size, though. see how i took the picture with a 12″ ruler for sizing? haha. (i see zucchini brownies in my future!)

besides gardening, it was a rather awful day. accounting final exam… terrible. but i’m not going to dwell on it right now, since i won’t know my final grade for about a week and i have other things to worry about. as if that wasn’t enough, a girl i knew in high school tried to tell me i had a baby major! accounting is NOT a sissy major. my master’s degree in four years? tell me how that’s easy. i was my high school valedictorian, i am not trying to take an easy way out. we most certainly can’t all be doctors, now can we? O_O *ahem* i did not let that bother me, heh. moving on!

mitered ballbands
pattern: here (the link is too long to fit on one line without messing up my blogger O_O)
yarn: leftover sugar ‘n cream, various colors
needles: size 7 straights
size: ~4in square
modifications: none, really. i tinkered with the miter line down the center, but can’t decide which way i like it better. if i do it the pattern way, there’s a purl ridge every six rows, but if i do it my way (which knits that purl), the line stretches out funny. (if any of that makes sense?)
comments: i knit the first one up out of sheer curiosity. then, i realized it was really good for using up those little bits of leftover cotton, so i knit up two more. the problem is that i can’t decide exactly what to do with them. they will either be a dishtowel (with a one inch or so border betwen the miters) or coasters. i can’t decide… hahaha. here’s a little (albeit bad) picture of the miter as a coaster. hmm, which idea do you like better? any other suggestions?


3 Responses to “zucchini (& ballband miters)”

  1. Nora (Black Dog Knits) Says:

    Good luck with your exams – our finals start next month! PS: Acct’g is up there with the best – don’t let it bother u. (My dad’s an accountant). x

  2. Splindarella Says:

    What to do with ballband miters…? How about 2 of the miter ballbands sewn together on 2 sides with a strap to form a little triangular mini-purse? Or add a little hanging loop for a facecloth? Um…sew on eys for a hand puppet? *g*

  3. jase0517 Says:

    There was a time I wanted to be an accountant. :)

    Oh, and concerning the previous post:

    “fry: To cook food in hot fat over moderate to high heat. Deep-fried food is submerged in hot, liquid fat. Frying (also called pan frying) or sautéing refers to cooking food in a lesser amount of fat, which doesn’t cover the food. There is little difference in these two terms, though sautéing is often thought of as using less fat and being the faster of the two methods.” (From

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