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home! October 13, 2006

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i’m finally at home for a weekend! i haven’t been home since school started in august. tonight was halloween bunko with lots of church people… it was tons of fun! i have some pictures (i was a princess ^^), but they may be up tomorrow or later or eventually, haha.

i have so much news, but i’m SO ready to go to bed! remind me to talk about bunko, yarn, shopping, and new shoes tomorrow, ok? here’s a little bit i wrote earlier in the day:

on tuesday night, i went to a girls’ devo and the minister’s wife talked about a project that she wanted to start up here. it’s knitting and crocheting hats for the homeless! how exciting because it’s something i know how to do! yay! i just got the circulars for it so i can get started! (just what i need, more projects, hahaha). the lady also tried to teach me to crochet. now, i’ve heard crocheting is easy and it doesn’t look particularly hard. i can make chains and i can single crochet onto knitting, but i have not yet figured out quite how to actually crochet. every time i look at it, it just makes my head hurt. maybe someday! i wonder if part of the problem is that i haven’t put a whole lot of effort in because i always have so much knitting going?

randy sent me this puzzle thing from MENSA and it’s really been killing my brain! it’s the reason i got basically zero knitting done yesterday and less studying than i should have for my stat exam last night (which i still did well on ^^). it had 33 things on it and said if you got over 19 you were a “genius.” apparently i am a genius, whoo! if a MENSA puzzle is something you’d be interested in, i’ll send it your way (it’s an excel file), just let me know, ok?

i do have a finished knitting object done, too, but i’m going to wait until later to post it. it’s the “bird in hand” from family circle easy toys.


2 Responses to “home!”

  1. KnitterBunny Says:

    Hi Ren,

    Send me an email on the Dutchicans blog and I will add you to the group. :)

    “Knitter Bunny”

  2. jase0517 Says:

    Ooh, ooh, send me the file, send me the file! :)

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