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BIG update! October 16, 2006

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it’s been a week since i’ve posted anything really substantial, but i am going to make up for it tonight! i have something like ten pictures to include, too! hopefully blogger won’t be a pain when it comes to inserting them, forcing me to resort to my html skills, hahaha.

i don’t know if i mentioned it on here, but i’ve been looking for a pair of dress shoes for probably over a month now. i FINALLY found a pair over the weekend and really like them. they might hurt my feet a bit, but it’s worth it, haha. originally, i wanted a closed-toed, black, small heeled shoe. it’s not quite what i ended up with, but… heh. i have narrow feet and narrower heels… not the greatest for shoes, especially ones without laces. you can see that these shoes bypass that problem altogether. the heels are something like three inches, though! i hate shoe shopping and i’m glad it’s over for a while!

friday night was halloween bunko with family & friends from church. it was a dress-up affair, so i went as a princess. i got to wear my new shoes and the strapless dress that i posted about last month (i think). it was really fun to get all prettied up! i don’t get to do that very often, so it was even better. ^^ oh, and randy was adorable as a mechanic, hehehe (but he’d be even more unhappy with me if i showed you!).

saturday involved trips to buy yarn for christmas presents. i got WAY too much yarn… you guys need to make sure i keep knitting and get through all this! can i make it back down to one rubbermaid by the time christmas is over?! we shall see, i suppose.

today was another vegetable gardening class. i had to pull up my squash plants because they were looking really sad and one even totally fell over. it’s ok, though, because i realized that i don’t like squash and i had already planted a few more squash plants, so it shouldn’t matter too much. i made zucchini brownies with last week’s zucchini… they were SO yummy! they didn’t even last 24 hours, especially since EVERYONE wanted to taste them. this week, i got a massive cubanelle pepper (the first pepper in the whole class) and a cucumber. whoo.

finally, on to the knitting!

pattern: “bird in hand” from family circle easy toys
yarn: lion brand fun fur color white and yellow/black embroidery floss
needles: size 7 straights
size: ~6in tall and ~6in wide
modifications: none, really
comments: i knit one of these a few months back, but i didn’t double-strand the yarn and the ducky didn’t look so fluffy and healthy. this ducky looks much better, but the combination of the double-stranded yarn and double-knitting made this project quite tough on my fingers. oh well! it turned out well! this ducky is for, where i am newly added. ^^

brangelina hat
yarn: lion brand thick ‘n quick color charcoal
needles: size 10 circulars; size 10.5 circulars; size 10.5 dpns
size: hat-sized, hahaha
modifications: i used 10.5’s instead of 11’s, but that’s only because it was what i had.
comments: i’m not sure i’m quite happy with how the hat turned out. it is much “denser” than i expected, although i should have known, since the yarn is recommended for size 13s. it looks really cute on, but… i don’t know… maybe it’s just not quite what i had in mind. maybe i’ll knit a different hat, or maybe i’ll just keep and wear this one (or who could i gift it off to? HAHA). we’ll see! it really hurt my fingers, though! blah!


One Response to “BIG update!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    awww that is the cutest little ducky ever!!! Is the family circle issue an old one??

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