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haircut! October 23, 2006

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so, i’m FINALLY getting around to posting about my thursday haircut. i’m not sure if i was waiting for there to be some knitting for this post, or if i was just being lazy when i was at home. anyway… look! i cut off around eleven inches (to donate to locks of love). i really like it… getting a haircut is always a nice change and the hair is going to a good place, so there’s no remorse, haha.

today was day #1 of my second accounting module. this professor seems nicer than the last, but the courseload is certainly no lighter. i spent all last week doing nothing but knitting and spending time at home, but now it’s back to work! ugh, sometimes i feel like school will never end.

yarn: lion brand wool ease color mushroom (double stranded), color white for tail
needles: size 9 straights, size 8 dpns for tail
size: ~6in wide x ~5in tall (with ears)
modifications: none, except the ear/tail modifications listed on the site
comments: another bunny… i love how these are just a knit square all manipulated into a bunny shape. i do hate having to make the ears and tail, though, hahahaha. this was knit up for the dutchicans.


6 Responses to “haircut!”

  1. Paola Says:


    You are so BRILLIANT, that’s like the best haircut for you, EVER. I am in loooove! I’m not being sarcastic either, so like, don’t even…!

  2. Splindarella Says:

    Your hair looks cute short! And I’m so glad you posted the bunny pic — I think I may need to make one up for Baby M…. :)

  3. jase0517 Says:

    Nice haircut, I especially like the straight look. *whispers* Cutie! ;)

  4. KnitterBunny Says:

    Hmmm, I’d forgotten about that bunny pattern. I really like it.

  5. Nora Says:

    You look gorgeous – good on you for donating! x

  6. Splindarella Says:

    Thank you, Ren, for posting the link to the bunny pattern! I’m going to knit for the Soaring Eagles Project but my finger is on the fritz again. I can make the squares for the bunnies on my knitting machine and then do just the ears by hand. It’ll help save my finger AND the bunnies are so adorable that I think the kids will just love them!

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