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almost a week?! October 29, 2006

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i can’t believe that it’s been almost a week since i last posted. let me assure you… it is not for lack of knitting. actually, i’m only posting right this minute because i am procrastinating on tomorrow’s walmart speech #2 on the history of the discount department store and walmart, and the development of walmart’s corporate values. it’s thrilling, really. that’s why i’m so diligently working on it. ^^

probably a second reason for not posting is the complete and utter crappiness of my digital camera. i shouldn’t complain, i mean, at least i have one, but i am hoping for a new camera for my major present this christmas… one that can take pictures bigger than 160kb! one that isn’t ten years old! one that has a zoom! one that doesn’t eat batteries for breakfast! one that… ah, well, i suppose you get the point. anyway, all that to apologize for the particularly awful picture quality in today’s post.

fabric: leftovers from my cable purse lining
comments: a few weeks ago, i went to sew something and got out the case of embroidery needles and they spilled all over my yarn tub, which is bad. it was then that i decided i needed a pincushion. here we have the hand-sewed solution to my problem. whoo. i do still want a cupcake pincushion and a tofu pincushion. we’ll see, though!

homeless hat
yarn: red heart super saver color dark green (or something like that)
needles: size 10.5 16″ circular, 10.5 dpns
size: hat sized ^^
modifications: nothing, really
comments: this is my first hat for my gainesville church’s hats for the homeless drive. nothing too exciting about it, but i’m glad that i’ve gotten one done so far at least.

jayne cobb hat
yarn: red heart super saver colors ranch red, carrot, gold
needles: 10.5 16″ circulars, 10.5 dpns
size: again, hat sized ^^
modifications: oy! i had to modify just about everything because i knit fairly tightly and i was using slightly smaller needles. i didn’t change anything about the way the hat looks (since the point is for it too look as much like the show hat as possible) but i modified a lot of the stitch counts.
comments: the BF has been badgering me about this hat ever since i showed it to him (stupidly!) in april. it is from the short-lived tv show firefly (there was also a movie, serenity) that he absolutely ADORED and that i have since seen all the episodes of, of course. this is going to be part of his christmas present, and i can post about it only because i got really really excited upon finishing it and already showed it to him, HAHA. maybe he’ll act excited when i give it to him, anyway. i have a bunch of yarn left over from this project and will probably make another hat, being more careful about the top decreases and adding a bit more ribbing to the bottom. i may try to sell one on ebay or something, we’ll see.

i also knit a wrist rest, two scarves, and two hats for caps to the capital in the last few days, but i haven’t taken pictures of them yet, so i’ll leave them to my next post. i suppose i need to get back to my speech now… BLAAAAH.


3 Responses to “almost a week?!”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Love your “jayne cobb hat”! I love hats with ear flaps…my boys are all way too big to wear that kind of hat now :(

    Happy knitting :)

  2. Splindarella Says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy — all your projects look great!

    Yes, I definitely think the SWS is soft enough for a scarf. If you’re unsure, though, try the bra test: stick a strand under your bra strap and wear it there for a day. If it’s not itchy, make the scarf. :)

  3. Nora Says:

    The hats are cool – unfortunately it doesn’t get cold enough in Sydney (AU). I love that you’re giving one to charity – good on you. x
    PS: Good luck with your speech.

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