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back to school already?! November 26, 2006

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i can hardly believe that it’s sunday afternoon already… the weekend has flown by (as i knew it would). thanksgiving was very good. we went to a close family friend’s home and had amazing food and played games and just had a good time. i really miss home, when i’m not here. this is where i grew up, where my family is, where my BF is, where my church family is. there is nothing in gainesville that can even begin to compare. i’m very thankful for what i have here.

before i go on to knitting news, a story for you. a few weeks ago, i was reading this entry on wee wonderfuls, which introduced me to tord boontje for target (if you haven’t been in a target since christmas season started, i would encourage you to… the decorations are gorgeous!). when i saw those garlands, i immediately thought of my mom, whose birthday is next week. i went to the target in gainesville, but they were sold out and i got the BF to check one here and it was sold out, too. i was pretty bummed, but already had a little gift for her, so i thought it would be ok. well, last night, we were coming home from thanksgiving leftovers and mom asked if i needed to go anywhere. i asked if we could go to target, so i could get the rest of her present. she said sure, she needed to look at something there anyway. do you know where this story is going yet? WE WERE LOOKING FOR THE SAME THING. i was foiled! BUT at least i can say that i know what she likes, right? i bought two of the garlands to give her, they just won’t be a surprise.

lots of knitting has been getting done around here, but there is plenty more to get accomplished before christmas! so much to do, so little time left!

first off, we have bunches of dishcloths, washed, wrapped, and ready to go. aren’t the gift tags adorable? they are freebies from natascha (in this entry). my grandma wanted me to make some cloths for her and some of her friends, so i did. ^^

christmas bell
pattern: (the second pattern)
yarn: lion brand chunky red
needles: size 9 straights
size: 2in at widest x 2.5in tall
modifications: this is my fifth prototype and the one i like best. it uses five stitches for the stockinette band and six stitches for the garter part (for a total of eleven). in my opinion, this looks more bell-like than the way the pattern called for.
comments: i made this as my prototype for the little christmas gift i’m making for the residents at a local nursing home that attend the church service my dad leads there. this means i have to make forty (FORTY!) more before december 17. i think i’m going to be very sick of bells before it’s all said and done. but the residents should like them and that’s what counts, right? (and no, our christmas tree isn’t up yet; i happened to find that small tree in mom’s sewing room)

i’m now at 18/20 cuffs for soaring eagles and i’ve got one hat to add, too.

kid’s hat
yarn: unmarked; probably lion brand babysoft color lavender (double stranded)
needles: size 10.5 straights
size: probably age 4-9 (that’s the pattern size i made, at least ^^)
modifications: none, i just didn’t add the pom-pom.
comments: i’m hoping i can get one more hat knit for them to send along with the cuffs, but we’ll see how it goes. i like this hat; it’s soft. ^^

for some reason, my bloglines has had an error for my site for the last week and a half. i have no idea why that might be, since there are only a few other blogger sites that have that error. any ideas on what to do?


meet jack! November 23, 2006

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this is jack. jack is my best friend’s little sister’s much loved teddy bear. jack has traveled all the way from texas (i’m in florida) to get some handknits for winter. see how cute his little overalls are? *pinches cheeks* you may be seeing a lot of jack for a little while (or not, depending on how super-secret i keep his project ^^). this picture is of jack emerging from his box… he can finally breathe again! her mom even sent me some spray to make my dorm bathroom smell better (for some reason, it always stinks! O_O).

lots of veggies in this week’s gardening class (kohlrabi, mustard greens, cubanelles, jalapenos, corn, etc.) but the pics are all kind of bad, so i’m not going to show them. dad cooked up the kohlrabi, which is a very bizarre looking veggie, and it was actually pretty ok. i thought it tasted like a mashed potato.

oh, i should probably mention that i’m finally at home for thanksgiving! there was an accounting test of doom last night, but now i get to be home until sunday. whoo! turkey & corn casserole & sweet potato souffle & rolls & pie, HERE I COME!

i’m at 15/20 on the cuffs for the soaring eagles project and i don’t want to show those off until i finish, but i CAN show off the cuffs i made for a friend’s birthday.

ballband cuffs
pattern: here
yarn: various cottons
needles: size 7 straights
size: small/medium wrist-size
modifications: nothing, really. i may have taken out a row at the end.
comments: whoo! these are so much fun! quick and easy, too!


erm… ? November 20, 2006

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bloglines has been really not working for me lately. anyone else having this problem? i feel so out of the loop when i’m not getting all my feeds promptly delivered to me! hopefully the problem gets fixed soon…


randomness… November 18, 2006

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tonight is some random news and random knitting things. haha. i would’ve posted about some of it earlier, but there’s been quite a bit of negativity around here and i try not to post all that. O_O

the tax competition i told you about? my team took second place! only four teams competed, but we did pretty well, anyway. i was SO proud of our actual presentation. we were really nervous, but we were all composed and talked at the proper speed and everything… we rocked. we got really positive feedback. the other team must have had a better actual proposal, i suppose. for getting second place, we got iPod Shuffles and $25 iTunes cards. the shuffle is pretty cool, it even has the PriceWaterhouseCoopers logo on the side. the only problem is that i already have an iPod (a 20gb), so i don’t really know what to do with the shuffle. i feel bad for not having a use for it and i keep wondering what i should do with it… but! pictures of its gorgeousness! you can BARELY see the logo on the side, because of the poor picture quality, but take my word, it’s there. ^^

did you know that the playstation 3 launched today? well, the whole thing was insane. my boyfriend has been talking about it CONSTANTLY for weeks and he managed to get one without even standing in line… he refreshed costco’s website for over four hours… but he got one. so, now i get to hear about it more, hahaha. i may even get to play when i’m at home for thanksgiving. ^^

why did you knitters never mention that long tail cast-on is like the coolest thing ever? i used it once over the summer, but didn’t try it again until i knit up the convertible mittens and now i’m hooked. it goes so quickly… i don’t hate casting on anymore!

for those of you who insist i must dye my sock yarn NOW, i have a very good excuse. i have no kitchen. but, in anticipation, does anyone know of a good kool-aid dyeing tutorial? or a really good first pair of socks to try (as in, nice clear instructions)? i’m still thinking i can hold off until after christmas… i don’t even want to think about the christmas knitting list i still have to get through!

there has actually been some knitting getting done around here… i’m nearly halfway through a dishtowel, i got through two more dishcloths, and i’m at 11/20 cuffs for the soaring eagles.

wrist rests
yarn: various cottons
needles: size 5 straights
size: wrist-sized ^^
modifications: none, really
comments: i’d never done short-rows before and didn’t really understand them, but then i found this tutorial and it makes much more sense now. i LOVE these wrist rests. they keep my wrist happier and i think they’ll make nice gifts for a few people on my list. ^^ oh, and not only do they use up moderate sized scraps, they take less than two hours apiece… ^____^


i love the mail! November 14, 2006

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i can’t believe it’s already eleven at night! i just got in! today has been so busy… i had class pretty much all day (gardening today! i had lots of peppers, but i gave them to a friend… we’re still waiting for the tomatoes to turn red; i got more corn, though!) and then i had an induction for golden key international honor society (doesn’t that sound so special, hahaha) and then i had a meeting for my tax group. we present on wednesday… i’m SO nervous! *cringes* hopefully we’ll be really prepared! i think i’m getting a sore throat, which really won’t help the situation at all… i hope it goes away!

BUT on to the exciting stuff! lots of mail today! my grandma sent me a letter and i got TWO packages! I LOVE MAIL! one package made me laugh and the other made me jump around like crazy!

this is the package that made me laugh. i had forgotten that i’d sent in the two UPCs to get this *totally cool and completely free* pop-tart freezer thing. this is what it does… the picture on the top is when it’s at room temperature, and the picture on the bottom (don’t mock the lean cuisine and haagen dazs in the freezer!) shows it in the freezer, meaning the pop-tarts are all cold and ready. see how the colors are different? hahaha, how silly, really, but still! free!

but this one! EXCITEMENT!! this is my dutchicans prize! jill not only sent the yarn, (which is so soft and cushy!) but also a bunch of kool-aid packages and some candy! *jumps up and down* yaaay! it’s definitely going to take all my self-control to hold out until after christmas!

i have been knitting, but i don’t have too much in the way of finished objects to show. i’m working on a dishtowel for my best friend’s mom for christmas, as well as more dishcloths. i also decided to do some knitting for the soaring eagles project (it’s linda’s fault! but my goal is 20 ballband cuffs… i’m at eight right now!) i also knit up a few cuffs for a friend for her birthday, i should have pictures soon.

ugh, and i have a blister on my little toe… O_O

OH! and sorry for the excessive exclamation point usage! you can really tell when i’m excited, at least!


A PAIR!!! November 10, 2006

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GUESS WHAT?! I FINALLY KNIT A PAIR OF SOMETHING!! this is truly a momentous occasion. in my (albeit, relatively short) knitting career, i have knit two right-hand fingerless gloves and two entirely different but same colored legwarmers. neither is what you might call a wearble pair… by any stretch of the imagination. but these… these are! since i am rather amazed with myself and my new pair, there are kind of a lot of pictures. i would apologize, but i’m kind of too excited. ^^

convertible mittens
yarn: lion brand wool color cadet blue, patons shetland chunky tweeds color sea ice
needles: size 7 dpns
size: SMALL; i knit the pattern for size medium, but i tend to knit fairly tightly. this worked out quite perfectly for me, since i have small hands.
modifications: i didn’t do the full thumb… i thought i’d prefer the half (all the better for my iPod’s click wheel!), but that’s about all.
comments: whoo, a pair! i really like these (can you tell?) … can’t wait till it’s actually cold enough to wear them. my hands might actually be toasty for once!

*ahem* other than the mittens… i’m pretty excited that it’s the weekend and pretty excited over an accounting exam grade i got back today and pretty excited that i get free breakfast in the morning… overall, pretty excited. ^^

just so you know, the other two herbs that i have that i didn’t remember yesterday are parsley and mint. in case you were losing sleep over it. i watered them today and rubbed the leaves a bit and it was very neat because i could smell them. i’m not sure what some of them are still (i don’t use too many herbs) but still!

those of you who insisted on getting me excited about my dye your own sock yarn, (yes, i mean all of you… linda, kelli, and nora) you are all no fair! i have waaaay too much on my knitting list until after christmas… but then… sockies! ok? be sure i hold off until then ^___^


mm, veggies… November 8, 2006

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so, can i just tell you about how tasty a dinner i just had? you can smile politely and think about how much better what you ate for dinner was, or how my food didn’t really require so much effort, but keep in mind that i live off of freezer foods and pop tarts and hot dogs and soup and cookies. going to the kitchen to make food is a real accomplishment. *ahem* but back to dinner… fresh corn on the cob (right out of the garden) with butter and seasoned salt, pillsbury crescent rolls with cheese inside, and peanut butter cookies. YUMMY!

also from monday’s gardening class, a whole transplant tray of herbs… yay! well, sort of yay. as you probably know, i live in the dorm. we have one window. my roommate’s desk (with a hutch) is in front of the window. the herbs have to be in the windowsill (can’t let them die before i get home in two weeks!), which requires a really strange looking contortion act to water them… *sigh* dorm life… don’t you love it? i really do have to keep the herbs alive, though, since they are going to my BF’s mom (she’s kind of into gardening and stuff) and besides, who wants to see plants die? i have eight different herbs in there… rosemary, thyme, basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, and, erm, two others. haha.

there hasn’t been too much knitting getting done around here. i finished up a dishcloth that i’d been working on since last week (a week for a dishcloth! what is happening to me?!) and a balband cuff for a friend. i also knit one mitten over the weekend. i refuse to take pictures until i have a pair. i don’t want to jinx myself! there’s so much i want to knit, but things have been really busy. i’ve been pretty tired all week. luckily for me, all i have to get through is an accounting quiz tomorrow afternoon and then it’s the weekend and i can take a well-deserved (in my opinion) nap. mm…. a nap…

i can’t believe i almost forgot to mention that i won yarn from the dutchicans online shower! i think i’m getting knitpicks dye your own sockweight yarn… whoo! (too bad i’ve never dyed anything or completed a pair of socks … there’s a first time for everything, right!)