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*sigh* November 4, 2006

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oh man. every time i go to post, something comes up and i don’t get around to it. i have a bunch of project pictures to post, but really i haven’t done that much knitting in the past few days… too busy. wednesday was a really long day. i had class and then had to get all my stuff ready to mail out for the dutchicans and walk over to the post office. after that, i studied in the commons until my PricewaterhouseCoopers xTAX meeting (it’s a tax competition… sounds dull, but seems pretty cool so far. i’ll let you know how it goes ^^). then i got a quick meal at wendy’s on campus and headed to a speech by former white house chief of staff andrew card. we have to do a paper on an “outside speaker” for speech and he was around when i had time to go, so… i picked him, haha. then i came back here and wrote up a rough draft of my paper. yesterday i had an accounting exam, so that was where most of that day went. today i went to a group xTAX meeting after classes (and ugh, we had impromtu speeches today! but it seemed to go ok) and then came back and slept for nearly four hours.

anyway, my not-so-exciting life aside, i have a bit of a knitting dilemma. i want to knit a scarf for my best friend (who sometimes reads here, but oh well) for christmas. i really liked the herringbone (my so called scarf) pattern and i really liked the patons SWS, but the SWS was too itchy for my neck and, as much as i just wanted to keep going on it, i had to keep telling myself that i wouldn’t want to be given an itchy scarf, so i shouldn’t give one (i made it a coaster instead, pics below). but that leads to my problem. i really want to use a yarn that is non-itchy, non-novelty, somewhat variegated (for a little excitement, you know?), and with some red in it. i have no idea what yarn this would be. there really isn’t much at michaels that seems to fit the bill and nothing i’ve seen at home at hobby lobby/ac moore has really jumped out at me either. any ideas? i don’t really have access to a LYS even though there are a few in my “general” area… the no car thing is kind of a problem. i could order from online, but i don’t get to feel it beforehand. i suppose i’ll just have to keep looking.

oh, and I. WANT. MITTENS. keep in mind that i live in florida, that it still gets to 80 some days (though today only got to maybe 70 and it was windy), that i don’t really need mittens. that’s another dilemma, hahaha. i won’t go into that one tonight. ^^

like i said above, i finished up my dutchicans package and got it mailed out. 8 baby items. ^^ the last item i included was a third bunny, in memory of baby B. unfortunately, that bunny has a BIG butt. at least he’s unique!

yarn: lion brand homespun color barley, scraps of white for tail
needles: size 9 straights
size: ~6in x ~5in
modifications: nothing, really
comments: see how big his rear end is in comparison?! hahaha.

these are a few garter stitch stash-reduction scarves i knit up last weekend. i really like them, especially the blue/green one (which is really long!). they are probably destined to be christmas presents…. i can’t believe christmas is getting so close… (you know you’re a knitter when two months is too close, HAHA!)


4 Responses to “*sigh*”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    Your bunnies are so cute! How did you make their tails? I can’t decide on how to do mine, so for now they have none. As for the seaming, I usually *hate* seaming, but I don’t mind it with these bunnies at all. I think it’s because I find it fun to see the bunny emerge from the plain square! It’s somewhat time-intensive (especially the first one I did), but I’m starting to speed up now that I know what I’m doing. Again, in “real time” it probably takes awhile, but it *feels* like it goes so much faster than seaming up those baby kimonos! :)

    Now, if you’re looking for wonderfully soft, non-scratchy yarn for your friend’s scarf, try 100% alpaca. It’s my very, very favorite yarn, it’s not too terribly expensive if you look in the right places and it’s incredibly soft. I think even someone with a sensitive neck can’t complain about alpaca. I got some fabulous alpaca sportweight yarn at Rhinebeck ($20 for 678 yards) from A Touch of Twist ( I don’t think their site is set up for online ordering, but if you email them I’m sure they’ll work with you.

    Good luck! :)

  2. hakucho Says:

    Your bunnies are the cutest I’ve seen…now I want to make some :)
    I especially like the picture of the three of them together…too cute!

    Happy knitting :)

  3. Splindarella Says:

    Thanks for the tip on making bunny tails!

    I’ve never used the alpaca blend yarn you mentioned, but my 100% alpaca yarns don’t shed. The blue dickie I made is from 100% alpaca; I think it has really nice stitch definition, and it’s definitely soft, warm and comfortable to wear.

  4. Dorothy Says:

    I’m making a scarf with Mountain Colors Twizzle, a Merino Silk blend, and it is very soft (and variegated). kinda pricy, though. I am using the multidirectional scarf pattern, but I also love the one you mention. I’ve had it bookmarked for months.

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