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A PAIR!!! November 10, 2006

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GUESS WHAT?! I FINALLY KNIT A PAIR OF SOMETHING!! this is truly a momentous occasion. in my (albeit, relatively short) knitting career, i have knit two right-hand fingerless gloves and two entirely different but same colored legwarmers. neither is what you might call a wearble pair… by any stretch of the imagination. but these… these are! since i am rather amazed with myself and my new pair, there are kind of a lot of pictures. i would apologize, but i’m kind of too excited. ^^

convertible mittens
yarn: lion brand wool color cadet blue, patons shetland chunky tweeds color sea ice
needles: size 7 dpns
size: SMALL; i knit the pattern for size medium, but i tend to knit fairly tightly. this worked out quite perfectly for me, since i have small hands.
modifications: i didn’t do the full thumb… i thought i’d prefer the half (all the better for my iPod’s click wheel!), but that’s about all.
comments: whoo, a pair! i really like these (can you tell?) … can’t wait till it’s actually cold enough to wear them. my hands might actually be toasty for once!

*ahem* other than the mittens… i’m pretty excited that it’s the weekend and pretty excited over an accounting exam grade i got back today and pretty excited that i get free breakfast in the morning… overall, pretty excited. ^^

just so you know, the other two herbs that i have that i didn’t remember yesterday are parsley and mint. in case you were losing sleep over it. i watered them today and rubbed the leaves a bit and it was very neat because i could smell them. i’m not sure what some of them are still (i don’t use too many herbs) but still!

those of you who insisted on getting me excited about my dye your own sock yarn, (yes, i mean all of you… linda, kelli, and nora) you are all no fair! i have waaaay too much on my knitting list until after christmas… but then… sockies! ok? be sure i hold off until then ^___^


3 Responses to “A PAIR!!!”

  1. Nora Says:

    Ren, DO IT!! It’s the best thing I’ve done! A truly amazing experience – and it gets better as you start knitting your socks with YOUR yarn… The yarn YOU dyed!
    DO IT!

  2. Nora Says:

    BTW: It is NOT 3:15am in Australia. I am NOT that crazy – it’s only 7pm here! So there. x

  3. Kelly Says:

    ohhh they fit like a glove *cough cough* sorry but they do :)
    They fit perfectly, there how’s that! Great job!
    The dye your own sock yarn is ADDIcTIVE!!!! You will love it

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