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i love the mail! November 14, 2006

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i can’t believe it’s already eleven at night! i just got in! today has been so busy… i had class pretty much all day (gardening today! i had lots of peppers, but i gave them to a friend… we’re still waiting for the tomatoes to turn red; i got more corn, though!) and then i had an induction for golden key international honor society (doesn’t that sound so special, hahaha) and then i had a meeting for my tax group. we present on wednesday… i’m SO nervous! *cringes* hopefully we’ll be really prepared! i think i’m getting a sore throat, which really won’t help the situation at all… i hope it goes away!

BUT on to the exciting stuff! lots of mail today! my grandma sent me a letter and i got TWO packages! I LOVE MAIL! one package made me laugh and the other made me jump around like crazy!

this is the package that made me laugh. i had forgotten that i’d sent in the two UPCs to get this *totally cool and completely free* pop-tart freezer thing. this is what it does… the picture on the top is when it’s at room temperature, and the picture on the bottom (don’t mock the lean cuisine and haagen dazs in the freezer!) shows it in the freezer, meaning the pop-tarts are all cold and ready. see how the colors are different? hahaha, how silly, really, but still! free!

but this one! EXCITEMENT!! this is my dutchicans prize! jill not only sent the yarn, (which is so soft and cushy!) but also a bunch of kool-aid packages and some candy! *jumps up and down* yaaay! it’s definitely going to take all my self-control to hold out until after christmas!

i have been knitting, but i don’t have too much in the way of finished objects to show. i’m working on a dishtowel for my best friend’s mom for christmas, as well as more dishcloths. i also decided to do some knitting for the soaring eagles project (it’s linda’s fault! but my goal is 20 ballband cuffs… i’m at eight right now!) i also knit up a few cuffs for a friend for her birthday, i should have pictures soon.

ugh, and i have a blister on my little toe… O_O

OH! and sorry for the excessive exclamation point usage! you can really tell when i’m excited, at least!


2 Responses to “i love the mail!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    ummm you def. can NOT wait until after christmas to start dyeing! DO IT NOW!!!!
    ummmmm I didn’t know you could put poptarts in the freezer???? what exactly is the pro’s of that??

  2. Nora Says:

    I’m with Kelly – go for it NOW!!!

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