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randomness… November 18, 2006

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tonight is some random news and random knitting things. haha. i would’ve posted about some of it earlier, but there’s been quite a bit of negativity around here and i try not to post all that. O_O

the tax competition i told you about? my team took second place! only four teams competed, but we did pretty well, anyway. i was SO proud of our actual presentation. we were really nervous, but we were all composed and talked at the proper speed and everything… we rocked. we got really positive feedback. the other team must have had a better actual proposal, i suppose. for getting second place, we got iPod Shuffles and $25 iTunes cards. the shuffle is pretty cool, it even has the PriceWaterhouseCoopers logo on the side. the only problem is that i already have an iPod (a 20gb), so i don’t really know what to do with the shuffle. i feel bad for not having a use for it and i keep wondering what i should do with it… but! pictures of its gorgeousness! you can BARELY see the logo on the side, because of the poor picture quality, but take my word, it’s there. ^^

did you know that the playstation 3 launched today? well, the whole thing was insane. my boyfriend has been talking about it CONSTANTLY for weeks and he managed to get one without even standing in line… he refreshed costco’s website for over four hours… but he got one. so, now i get to hear about it more, hahaha. i may even get to play when i’m at home for thanksgiving. ^^

why did you knitters never mention that long tail cast-on is like the coolest thing ever? i used it once over the summer, but didn’t try it again until i knit up the convertible mittens and now i’m hooked. it goes so quickly… i don’t hate casting on anymore!

for those of you who insist i must dye my sock yarn NOW, i have a very good excuse. i have no kitchen. but, in anticipation, does anyone know of a good kool-aid dyeing tutorial? or a really good first pair of socks to try (as in, nice clear instructions)? i’m still thinking i can hold off until after christmas… i don’t even want to think about the christmas knitting list i still have to get through!

there has actually been some knitting getting done around here… i’m nearly halfway through a dishtowel, i got through two more dishcloths, and i’m at 11/20 cuffs for the soaring eagles.

wrist rests
yarn: various cottons
needles: size 5 straights
size: wrist-sized ^^
modifications: none, really
comments: i’d never done short-rows before and didn’t really understand them, but then i found this tutorial and it makes much more sense now. i LOVE these wrist rests. they keep my wrist happier and i think they’ll make nice gifts for a few people on my list. ^^ oh, and not only do they use up moderate sized scraps, they take less than two hours apiece… ^____^


3 Responses to “randomness…”

  1. jill Says:

    I am sorry. I meant to send you a copy of the Knitpicks dying sheet with your prize but had a brain fart at the time.(It’s available on their website free, I think).

    Email me about the shuffle…maybe we could come up with a swap of some kind?

  2. Nora (again) Says:

    Me again – re: undyed yarns.

    I’m waiting for some undyed Opal (eBay) to arrive. I’ll let u know how it goes…

    Also, I’ve OVER-dyed Opal Uni Solids with Kool Aid and/or jelly (jello). If you click on my Flickr badge it should take you to my photos and click on the ‘my yarns’ folder. x

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