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meet jack! November 23, 2006

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this is jack. jack is my best friend’s little sister’s much loved teddy bear. jack has traveled all the way from texas (i’m in florida) to get some handknits for winter. see how cute his little overalls are? *pinches cheeks* you may be seeing a lot of jack for a little while (or not, depending on how super-secret i keep his project ^^). this picture is of jack emerging from his box… he can finally breathe again! her mom even sent me some spray to make my dorm bathroom smell better (for some reason, it always stinks! O_O).

lots of veggies in this week’s gardening class (kohlrabi, mustard greens, cubanelles, jalapenos, corn, etc.) but the pics are all kind of bad, so i’m not going to show them. dad cooked up the kohlrabi, which is a very bizarre looking veggie, and it was actually pretty ok. i thought it tasted like a mashed potato.

oh, i should probably mention that i’m finally at home for thanksgiving! there was an accounting test of doom last night, but now i get to be home until sunday. whoo! turkey & corn casserole & sweet potato souffle & rolls & pie, HERE I COME!

i’m at 15/20 on the cuffs for the soaring eagles project and i don’t want to show those off until i finish, but i CAN show off the cuffs i made for a friend’s birthday.

ballband cuffs
pattern: here
yarn: various cottons
needles: size 7 straights
size: small/medium wrist-size
modifications: nothing, really. i may have taken out a row at the end.
comments: whoo! these are so much fun! quick and easy, too!


3 Responses to “meet jack!”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Gosh, how cute…I will be waiting to see what you create for little Jack’s new wardrobe. I sure hope he’s not going to be homesick…I know he’ll be well taken care of while he has his fittings!! LOL :) (Very cute and such a nice gift for your friend little sister!!)
    Happy knitting :)

  2. jill Says:

    I thought all dorms stunk. ;o)

    Glad you are home, eating good food and enjoying family.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for your compliment on the Backyard Leaves scarf! The yarn is about as soft as you can find. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is pretty great stuff, and not too pricey. The scarf cost $32 to knit and it’s well worth it. One thing to be aware of is that it’s slick and you need to leave loooong ends to weave in or they’ll pop right back out. If you decide to make one, I could give you a few pointers getting started, since the pattern is a bit lacking and difficult to start. :)

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