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back to school already?! November 26, 2006

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i can hardly believe that it’s sunday afternoon already… the weekend has flown by (as i knew it would). thanksgiving was very good. we went to a close family friend’s home and had amazing food and played games and just had a good time. i really miss home, when i’m not here. this is where i grew up, where my family is, where my BF is, where my church family is. there is nothing in gainesville that can even begin to compare. i’m very thankful for what i have here.

before i go on to knitting news, a story for you. a few weeks ago, i was reading this entry on wee wonderfuls, which introduced me to tord boontje for target (if you haven’t been in a target since christmas season started, i would encourage you to… the decorations are gorgeous!). when i saw those garlands, i immediately thought of my mom, whose birthday is next week. i went to the target in gainesville, but they were sold out and i got the BF to check one here and it was sold out, too. i was pretty bummed, but already had a little gift for her, so i thought it would be ok. well, last night, we were coming home from thanksgiving leftovers and mom asked if i needed to go anywhere. i asked if we could go to target, so i could get the rest of her present. she said sure, she needed to look at something there anyway. do you know where this story is going yet? WE WERE LOOKING FOR THE SAME THING. i was foiled! BUT at least i can say that i know what she likes, right? i bought two of the garlands to give her, they just won’t be a surprise.

lots of knitting has been getting done around here, but there is plenty more to get accomplished before christmas! so much to do, so little time left!

first off, we have bunches of dishcloths, washed, wrapped, and ready to go. aren’t the gift tags adorable? they are freebies from natascha (in this entry). my grandma wanted me to make some cloths for her and some of her friends, so i did. ^^

christmas bell
pattern: (the second pattern)
yarn: lion brand chunky red
needles: size 9 straights
size: 2in at widest x 2.5in tall
modifications: this is my fifth prototype and the one i like best. it uses five stitches for the stockinette band and six stitches for the garter part (for a total of eleven). in my opinion, this looks more bell-like than the way the pattern called for.
comments: i made this as my prototype for the little christmas gift i’m making for the residents at a local nursing home that attend the church service my dad leads there. this means i have to make forty (FORTY!) more before december 17. i think i’m going to be very sick of bells before it’s all said and done. but the residents should like them and that’s what counts, right? (and no, our christmas tree isn’t up yet; i happened to find that small tree in mom’s sewing room)

i’m now at 18/20 cuffs for soaring eagles and i’ve got one hat to add, too.

kid’s hat
yarn: unmarked; probably lion brand babysoft color lavender (double stranded)
needles: size 10.5 straights
size: probably age 4-9 (that’s the pattern size i made, at least ^^)
modifications: none, i just didn’t add the pom-pom.
comments: i’m hoping i can get one more hat knit for them to send along with the cuffs, but we’ll see how it goes. i like this hat; it’s soft. ^^

for some reason, my bloglines has had an error for my site for the last week and a half. i have no idea why that might be, since there are only a few other blogger sites that have that error. any ideas on what to do?


5 Responses to “back to school already?!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    They look very good on your presents! Thanks very much for use them!!

  2. hakucho Says:

    Love the way you wrapped the ballbands. They do make nice gifts!

  3. Kelly Says:

    aww super cute dishcloths all wrapped up and ready to go.

  4. Nora Says:

    You’re sooo organised – I haven’t even thought about gifts yet!
    Everything looks beautiful. x

  5. Splindarella Says:

    The ballbands look great (as does everything else)! I might just have to head on over to Natascha’s site and download…. :)

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