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cold and studying December 8, 2006

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while i know that some of you live in places that are actually cold, (like ohio, massachusetts, canada, etc) i am going to complain about the weather here in florida. please excuse me. i have never lived anywhere genuinely cold. i have never lived outside of florida. heck, i’ve never really even seen snow. as such, this weather is quite cold. this morning, i had class at 11:45 and it was still 43 (which supposedly felt like 35). i wasn’t going to take chances, i bundled up. i had tennis shoes (that’s when you know it’s cold; some people here wear flip-flops all year round), knee-length socks, pants, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, blazer, scarf (cotton candy pink ^^), and mittens. i should have worn a hat, but i have no hat. how do i have no hats, really? tomorrow i’m wearing the jayne hat, who cares if it’s terribly mismatched and a christmas present! my intact ears are worth more than my image (that is, assuming i had an image). so, i was pretty warm.

BUT THEN i come back from class and i have an email from my veggie professor. tonight there is supposed to be a hard freeze. the tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and peppers probably will not survive. come get your veggies today or else they will probably die. so, i went. but, i made a very bad assumption. it must have gotten warmer, right? so i went without scarf and mittens. i was sure wrong! my poor ears and hands and neck…

when i got out to the garden, the professor and one of the TAs were picking all the proper size in-danger veggies, so i got a bunch of stuff.

(from left top… bell peppers, eggplant, grape tomatoes, green tomatoes, regular tomatoes; i also got corn, cubanelle peppers, and jalapenos)

i have an accounting exam tomorrow at 10am, so i’ll have to be sure that i’m entirely bundled. no more assumptions. (yes, thats right, an exam on a SATURDAY morning… blaaah!) at least it will be over soon!

on the knitting front, i have 14/40 completed bells. i also ran out of yarn. i’ll have to get some more tomorrow, since the bells all have to be done by the 17th. i’m also about 19in into my best friend’s scarf. (i ended up ordering some malabrigo… it’s really nice but… i’m not loving the colorway. hopefully she does!).

things around here have been generally not so great. can’t wait until the 13th when i can finally go home for christmas break!

P.S. thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my last post! ^^


4 Responses to “cold and studying”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Glad you got to save those veggies. They are beautiful to look at and I bet they will taste yummy, too!

    Good for you with all those bells you’re making. Hope you will put a picture up later so we can see them all when you are finished!

    Bundle up and stay warm!
    and good luck on all your exams!
    Happy knitting :)

  2. tania Says:

    nice veggies!
    i love all your charity knits and i totally agree about long tail cast on- I just learned at the sock class this weekend and it is the best! such a nice looking cast on too- ! hope you warm up soon- and thanks for your comment!

  3. Nora (Black Dog Knits) Says:

    Er, how can u NOT have a hat?? There are 3000 hats on your head in the pic below this post!! Heh.

    We have it pretty goo here also (only 2-3 months of jacket/coat weather per yr).

    Good luck with your exam. x

  4. Nora (again) Says:

    We have it pretty GOOD here also…

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