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the bells! December 16, 2006

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wow, i have so many things to update about. we’ll start with blogger. i switched to blogger beta and updated my template and all that. i am just about convinced that nine out of ten “updates” for software and stuff make things actually worse. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve updated iTunes and AIM and other programs only to realize that the things they changed were the things i liked, or that there were new problems with the updated versions. everybody tries to make everything better, but sometimes the old was just as good. hopefully i won’t regret the blogger update. O_O

i am at home again! got in on wednesday and i have been sleeping like crazy. i’ve been knitting a lot, too. the dog is as mean to me as ever (we have a sibling rivalry thing going on), my closet is chock full of stuff that isn’t mine (my room has become a bit of a dumping ground), and we got a new faucet in the bathroom. whoo. ^^
i also cleaned up my garden on wednesday before i left for home. among other things, i brought home a giant head of napa (chinese cabbage). look at this thing! it’s bigger than my head!

on the knitting front, the bells are done! all forty of them! here’s the story behind them (if i haven’t mentioned it before). my dad is the coordinator for our church’s nursing home ministry. he goes there every week and, along with other men from our church, leads a service. for the last maybe four years, my grandparents have been making little holiday-related gifts for the residents who attend the church service. this year, i volunteered to knit the gift, since my grandpa isn’t doing so well and my grandma is quite busy taking care of everyone and doing everything she does. i searched the online patterns and found one for a bell that i liked. i went through five prototypes (modifying the pattern slightly each time) before i got a bell that actually looked like a bell. and now i have forty of them. ^^ dad wanted to be able to give them out on sunday, so i finished more than a full day before the deadline… go me!
christmas bells
yarn: lion brand wool-ease ranch red (double-stranded) and wool-ease chunky red
needles: size 9 straights
size: ~3in tall x 2in wide
modifications: i modified the pattern a lot. mine goes something like this:
CO 9 sts
row 1: K6, KFB, KFB, K1
row 2: P5, K6
row 3: K11
repeat thirteen times (14 ridges)
repeat row 2 once more
BO 6, BO 2 sts together twice, BO 1
sew up seam, cinch top, add bell and string, add bow
comments: i’m glad they’re done!
i also finished my best friend’s scarf and her mom’s present, but i’m not going to post about those until later (in case she happens to be reading this). i still have to get jack’s clothes done to mail out with their package on monday. i wouldn’t be so worried, but the pattern i found that i really like isn’t a very good pattern. it’s hard to understand and not made for a bear quite jack’s size. not to mention that i went up two needles sizes and still couldn’t get the proper gauge. blaaaaah. wish me luck on that one!

5 Responses to “the bells!”

  1. hakucho Says:

    I’m waiting to switch to Beta blogger. Think I might do a test blog before I convert. Your napa is fantastic! Bet that will taste wonderful. The bells are so pretty and that is such a nice thing for your Dad to do. I know all the recipients will be very pleased. Have a great Christmas with your family.
    Happy knitting :)

  2. Splindarella Says:

    Love the cabbage! :) Great job on the bells, and on your Soaring Eagles knits… Enjoy your time at home and Merry Christmas!

  3. Kelly Says:

    heheh Fantastic job on the bells,you will definately put a smile on 40 peoples faces!

  4. Nora Says:

    The bells are sweet – I should make some in white! x

  5. hakucho Says:

    You have been tagged! Find all the details in my blog :)

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