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ummm… January 31, 2007

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today is my grandparents’ 54th wedding anniversary. today is also the day grandma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. this news was not really a shock, since she’s been quite sick for over a month now (she’s the one i made the bee pouch and magnets for) and the doctors have been hinting at it for most of that time, but it’s still very sad news. she’ll find out tomorrow when she has to have surgery and then it’s surgery and recovery and chemo and everything associated with that. she’s really worried that she won’t be able to take care of grandpa; he’s housebound and can’t walk very well and has horrible arthritis. anyway, if praying is something that you do, i would ask that you please do so on her behalf. she’s never even had surgery in her whole life.

i feel like the only thing i can do to show her that i’m thinking of her (besides sending letters) is to make her things. i really want to knit her a pair of nice, happy socks she can wear when she’s in the hospital and at home afterwards. i’m thinking of the one skein cable footies (i found a pic of someone else’s gorgeous pair here), since they should be fairly thick and warm and quick to knit (and i have the book, haha). we’ll see, though. yarn could be a bit of a problem to acquire.

but! i have happy news today, too, i promise. my accounting competition was featured in the gainesville sun online here. obviously it’s horribly overstated in the general style of newspaper articles, but it’s a bit exciting nonetheless.

look what i got in the mail today as an anniversary present! it’s a happy cloud from mypapercrane. there’s a funny story of deception involved, but it would require too much explaining, lol! suffice it to say that randy (my boyfriend), paola (my best friend), and i are one very strange triangle.

i also made up some more magnets this afternoon. i can’t decide which is my favorite; it’s a tie between the one on the far left and the “yum” one. the one on the far left is an image from the teleidoscope in the knitpicks catalog. what a very bizarre idea (but a nice magnet!).

busy! January 30, 2007

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busy busy busy around here. meetings and group projects and problem sessions have been leaving with very little time to even think straight. i did manage to get a half-hour nap yesterday, so i don’t suppose i can complain too much, right? it was just short enough to give me a bit more energy and not leave me all groggy. ^^

yesterday was also two years with my boyfriend, which really just makes me wonder where all the time went. wasn’t i just in high school? wasn’t i worried about college applications and maintaining my GPA (and stressing out about being valedictorian!) and wondering what it would be like to move out? ok, well maybe i’m still worried about maintaining my GPA and i have to fill out graduate applications in the next month, but still. that world feels so very far away. it wasn’t a particularly exciting day, though, considering my boyfriend lives in jax and i’m here in stupid gainesville. makes it a bit hard to get together. speaking of which, my birthday is next week (feb 9). i thought maybe i could get to go home for my birthday, at which time we could also celebrate both the anniversary and valentine’s day. unfortunately, i have an ACCOUNTING exam. on a FRIDAY NIGHT AT EIGHT-TWENTY IN THE EVENING. lucky me. so i don’t get to go home and it isn’t looking like i’ll get to be home until mid-march when i have spring break, which, even luckier for me, is NOT the same week as his break (though it is the week of his birthday).

here’s the crafty stuff i did last weekend that i had to let dry. they’re kind of hard to take pictures of… they’re magnets with designs underneath the clear glass. i really like how they turned out, once i got the right glue and once they dried. i got the idea from here. i ended up with a rather large bag of the glass marble things, so i plan on making more in the fairly near future. ^^ the bee ones are made using the cloth from the little pouch i made for my grandma and i plan on sending her the magnets once i get a few more kitchen-ish ones made.


crochet! January 28, 2007

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i was going to post a pattern for a little pouch i knit up earlier in the week, but some of my homework has gotten me so frazzled that i think it will have to wait until tomorrow or early next week. hopefully i can remember what i did until then. it was pretty simple, so i think i can handle it. ^^

mom came down last night with some women from church (this morning was ladies day at the church i attend down here) and that was really enjoyable. besides getting to see mom and quite a few women from my home church family (i love my home church. nicest people!), i got a nice dinner at macaroni grill (who goes to macaroni grill and eats the kids cheese pizza, i mean, really? haha) and leftovers that i ate tonight, lots of yarn, and a bunch of other random things i had asked for, like nail polish for my needles (as per jill’s suggestion), clear glue for another crafty project (which i’ll show when they finally dry), etc. all in all, a very good time! ^^ (if you made it through that last extremely long run-on sentence, i applaud you!)

as far as the KPMG competition (the reason for last week’s expensive dinner) goes, i made the team. i am both excited and a bit stressed over it, as i mentioned before, because of my current courseload and the fact that i am utterly confused in more than one class. i am not normally so confused, especially since i have been working hard to keep up with everything. i don’t want to be a “complain about everything school-related” kind of girl (though i do have a nice little sob story saved up for next week), so i’ll leave it at that. as far as being chosen for the team, it was basically random, so i just got lucky. we’ll see how it goes!

in happier, more crafty news, i finished my first ever crocheted item earlier today. for some reason, i could never understand how to go from a chain to a piece. that first row was the problem. i could chain and i could crochet onto a knitted item, but the step in the middle eluded me. can’t say it’s all better, but, hey, i made a hat! that’s something, right? ^^

this hat was crocheted with red heart super saver and a size k hook. the pattern said to single crochet in the back loop of all the stitches, which made it ribbed and stretchy. in order for it to cinch at the top without much bunching, one row out of very four was 30 stiches rather than the full 36. it was really rather simple to do, although i think i held the yarn strangely or something, because my fingers hurt a lot after a while. when/if i get better, i’ll probably learn a different, more comfortable method. hope so, anyway!


the most expensive meal… January 23, 2007

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tonight i went to dinner at the marks US prime steakhouse. i was invited to go by KPMG (a big four accounting firm) because i showed interest in a competition they are having this term. i truly believe this was the most expensive dinner i have ever eaten. there were twelve of us there and the tab could have easily been seven hundred dollars. i had crabmeat encrusted salmon and key lime cheesecake (as well as some bread, parts of appetizers, and some vegetables). it was all very tasty (as it should be for that price!). i don’t know if i’ll make the competition team, since they don’t even know how they are going to choose people, but at least i got a really good dinner out of it. i don’t think i’ll be horribly heartbroken if i don’t make the team (although the benefits are really good) because i do have a tough courseload already and i feel like if i don’t make it, it is probably a sign that i needed to focus just on schoolwork. i suppose we’ll see. oh, and dinner took a total of THREE HOURS. i was impressed.

i got in a really crafty mood over the weekend and did some non-knitting craft stuff. the largest project was this little handsewn pouch that i made for my grandma (who has been pretty sick; i hope she’s ok). she really likes bees and i had gotten this fabric to make something for her a few months ago. an added benefit is that the gingham keeps my sewing lines straight! the pouch is small, a bit bigger than a business card, but i really think it turned out well. i used this pattern, although i realized while i was making it that it was actually incredibly simple and i could’ve probably done it on my own (though i doubt i would’ve thought of it). would’ve been much simpler if i had been at home with a machine, though! haha, oh well.

the other crafty projects had little glitches that i plan on fixing and posting later, hahaha.

paola wanted to see my little mini ironing board (and crafting area, haha), so here that is. i am still amazed that everything i have here at school manages to fit in my little half of my room. guess i’m really lucky the closet is big. ^^

potholders! don’t you worry, there was certainly knitting done around here in the past few days. these were an IOU for dad from Christmas and i’d say i’m getting them to him in a pretty timely manner. i can’t rave enough about this double knitting technique for potholders. two knit layers, no seams, and very easy once you get the hang of it. it reminds me of ribbing, a bit, the way you alternate. i made them the same way as i did here. dad even picked out the colors, they match our kitchen at home. i like the combination; i think they look classy. ^^

clutch! January 19, 2007

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i don’t have a huge amount of time to post tonight, since i have an early class in the morning (class, blah!), but i really did want to get this up because i’m quite excited about it.

this is my (albeit unfelted) cleo clutch. it is approximately 9in x 6in unfelted. i’ll post more pictures and project info when i get it felted, but that might be a while, since i don’t have access to a decent washing machine until i go home and i don’t know when that will be (which is another story altogether). i have to say, as much as i like the result, i don’t like making the twisty cables. i hate how you have to use the cable needle multiple times per right side row. the straight cables, with just one time required every six or so, is much more manageable. i don’t know if it’s just because i can’t stand the cable needle (the stitches don’t like to stay on it! they twist all up!) or if it’s just too annoying. the last time i did the twisty cables, i haaaated working on the project and i told myself that i wouldn’t do it again.
this is the ropes and ladders scarf (that i knit last summer). please don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the pattern or anything like that. the pattern was actually very well written, but, for some reason, i could hardly bring myself to finish this thing (but i did!). remind me, the next time i want to do some intricate cable design, that i don’t like them, please!
oh, and jason! when are we sending Christmas? i mean, really. is it going to end up a birthday present? ^^

6 more weird things January 14, 2007

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thanks to those of you who said i wasn’t totally weird! ^^ unfortunately, the boyfriend said that my weird things just weren’t weird enough. being a glutton for punishment, i told him that if he wrote six more, i would post them. i think his things are a bit more quirky than weird, but i’ll let you decide.

first, though, i thought i should clarify one of my weird things from last entry, because hakucho brought up a good point. in the grand scheme of things, caring about schoolwork is not weird. in my own mind, it isn’t weird. but here at UF, which is a bit of a party /football crazed school, it is weird. many of my classmates’ conversations center around how drunk they got over the weekend or which teams won which games. these are not conversations that i am ever a part of, because i sit in the dorm and knit pretty much all weekend. while i happen to like the things i do, for the most part, i have also learned to be quiet about them, because they stop conversations pretty quickly. nobody wants to hear that you got an A on an exam or quiz, or that you spend your time knitting for charity, or whatever. the things that i choose to do with my time are apparently not very common, or at least that’s how i feel about them, because i don’t seem to have much in common with many of my classmates. ah, i don’t know. but! on another note… what’s your favorite pop-tart flavor, kelly (and no, no motion sickness here, luckily!)? i think mine is mint chocolate chip right now. ^^

ok, the six more weird things (as told by randy, in blue):

1. Water gulping – She sorta downplayed the oddity of her water gulping habits. No drinking with this girl. Only gulping. She always ends up having possession of my completely filled up half-liter water bottle and in ten seconds (literally ten seconds), it’s gone. I kid you not. And it’s always funny to see how many times the restaurant fills her glass up.

2. Showers – More specifically, showers at 3am. 3am is the time most people would be asleep. Like me. Granted she doesn’t do this anymore, but still.

3. Pasta preference – No spaghetti. The noodle, not the meal, which is what I thought at first. So I avoided any meals with tomato sauce. But then I found out it was only the the type of noodle. Cause it’s a thin, stringy, slurpy kind of noodle. But the chompy kind of noodle is fine. Like rigatoni or macaroni. Chompy.

4. Presents – She also has the uncanny ability to guess or eliminate the element of surprise of my presents to her. Christmas ’05: she guessed that I might’ve gotten her a magic 8 ball. Which…I did. We were having a discussion about indecisiveness before Christmas. And she guessed a magic 8 ball without seeing the present! Why?? Birthday ’06: she bought these stamps that were hard for her to find when again, i had already bought some for her. And just this past Christmas, she was about to buy a knitting calendar on Amazon and I had to let slip that that was my idea. And then! She enters and wins a contest for the calendar that I bought! Lucky me, hahaha.

5. Books – She loves the smell of old books. And would insist that I smell the pages of books. So of course, being whipped, I did. And curses, I sorta like the smell of old books too. I don’t know what it is, but it isn’t bad.

6. Deodorant – She thought this one up herself. Apparently she can’t stand not having deodorant before going anywhere. It makes her feel nasty. Even if she needs to change her shirt, she needs to reapply deodorant. Weird! But I guess that’s why I’m mentioning it, yeah?

Anyways, I’d just like to say that her weirdness is part of why I like her. Her weirdness makes her normal…makes her real. If that makes sense to anyone. Plus! She knitted me a really cool hat (from my favorite TV show) for Christmas. How could I not love her for that?!? Now if it would finally get cold around here, I could use it! So there you go, I now conclude this list of weird stuff. Thank you for reading it!

i finally finished up my fourth red scarf. oh dear! i do make myself laugh sometimes… i’d only been working on it for four days, and even then only part of the time! but it felt like forever, haha. this is my last red scarf… i don’t have any more red yarn or any way to get any in the next few days and i don’t want to cut it too close when i send the package.

red scarf project scarf #4
pattern: yarn harlot’s one row scarf
yarn: bernat softee chunky color carnival (two full skeins)
needles: size 10.5 straights
size: 5in x 64in
comments: it’s a bit hard to tell in this picture, but i love how the colors ended up on this scarf. the yarn had very short color variegations, so instead of looking stripey, it looked really cool (and there is a bit of red in it). of the red scarves, i’m most pleased with this one, i think. i don’t know… it’s a hard choice, hahaha.

here are all my red scarves, tagged and ready to go. yes, there’s a blue one, but it seems neutral enough to be ok. i found that one in my knitting stuff and i know i won’t wear it, so i figure i should send it off to someone who will. now i can send my package on tuesday or wednesday and i won’t have to worry about the deadline. yay!

oh, and my first week of school went really well. i’ve been insanely productive (i wonder how long that will last?) and, except for during the weekend, i’ve been pretty busy. the course load seems hard, but hopefully i can handle it. i just have to stay focused, i think.


six weird things January 12, 2007

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ok, so i’ve been tagged for this meme multiple times and i’m finally getting around to doing it. more like, i had to think really hard to come up with weird things. i’m so normal, you know.

1. i am not what you might call a typical college student. i don’t like football / sports, partying, or drinking, and i’m actually fairly concerned with studying and schoolwork.

2. my culinary tastes are that of approximately a six year old. some of my favorite foods are hot dogs, pop tarts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish, pizza, candy, ice cream, cake, and chicken fingers. when i was very small, i used to eat bread sandwiches (as in, nothing between the bread), so i guess i have come a long way. ^^

3. i drink water like crazy. waiters/waitresses probably hate me because my cup is always empty at restaurants. this one has a bit of a logical background story, though, at least. a few years back i was in indiana visiting my grandparents and we went to the flea market. long story short, i managed to pass out in the gravel and, after that, i realized i had to keep myself more hydrated.

4. i don’t have a driver’s license. i don’t want a driver’s license. unfortunately, i need one. i’m going to have to work on that.

5. i am still dreaming that when i turn twenty, (next month! i’m so old, HAHA) all my zits and acne will magically go away. i am not horribly afflicted, but still!

6. i have an “irrational and unhealthy fear” of calling people that i don’t know or don’t know very well on the phone. sometimes i have phone breakdowns.

i’m stopping now! i got to number four and couldn’t think of anything else, but now that i finally have six, i keep thinking of a bunch more things. O_O i’m not going to tag anyone simply because i think that i’ve already read weird things from just about everyone that reads here, but if you haven’t done this yet and would like to, by all means, consider yourself tagged. ^^

switching gears, i have another red scarf project scarf done and i’ve been working on a few of the fun-fur chemo caps (i really do like fun fur, actually, i just didn’t think i did for a while because i didn’t have any use for the fur in my stash until now). they’re really fun to knit!

red scarf project scarf #3
i. love. this. scarf. that’s why you get three pictures of it, haha. i used just about every red yarn i had in my stash (and finished off all of them! how productive of me) and alternated them in threes held together (cause this was on size 35 needles). it ended up sort of stripey, but i think it looks pretty good because they’re all in the same color family. can you tell how it has stripes at all? but because it’s three strands held together and it was on such large needles, it’s incredibly thick and cozy. if i hadn’t knit it specifically for this cause, and if i didn’t live in florida where it hardly gets cold enough… well, let’s just say it might not be getting sent out in the mail. ^^