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happy new year January 1, 2007

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i suppose i should do the year recap / knitting completed / favorite knitting / resolutions post, since it is now officially 2007. not that i’ll remember that it’s 2007 until maybe february. ^^

the year in short:
in winter, right as 2006 began, i learned how to knit, which has quickly become an obsession. in spring, i was lonely and mostly unhappy in my second semester of college but i got good grades. in summer, i went to hawaii and then spent the summer on medications that made me, let’s just say, HORRIBLE to be around (i have since stopped taking them). fall was mostly a repeat of spring. and here we are back at winter. nothing too crazy happened, really. i shouldn’t make it sound so bad, there were at least no major tragedies.

EDIT: i was told that i was sounding too negative in my year recap. a few more positives: i got to see my very best friend that i hadn’t seen in three years when i went to hawaii. it was a really great trip. i got to come home from school sometimes, and most of those little breaks were pretty good. everything with school has seemed to sort of fall into place, at least so far (does that sound happy enough?).

the 2006 knitting list (approximately):
41 bells
28 cuff bracelets
25 dishcloths
20 hats (8 baby, 6 child, 6 adult)
18 scarves
9 coasters
7 slippers/booties
7 flowers
4 bunnies
4 hedgehogs
4 fingerless mittens (three right handed)
4 wrist rests
3 easter egg cover baskets
3 kitties
3 legwarmers (none that match)
3 market bags
2 dishtowels
2 bracelets
2 duckies
2 potholders
2 purses
2 headbands
1 doll sweater
1 doll shirt
1 doll dress
1 pair of doll pants
1 ring
1 bowling pin
1 business card holder
1 cell phone case
1 piece of cherry pie
1 chick easter egg cover
1 needle case
1 pocket creature
1 footwarmer
1 heart pillow
1 little heart
1 bear sweater
1 bear hat
1 bear scarf
1 peapod
1 small pouch
1 mp3 player cover
1 pumpkin
1 snake
1 teacup and saucer

that gives me a total of 219 items for the year. most of my knits were fairly small and short. i won’t say they were all easy to knit; i certainly learned a lot, though!

my “favorite” and probably most useful completed project was a needle case that i knit over spring break. it was about 30in of plain stockinette, and then some single crochet and finishing but it was the first project that came out exactly how i wanted it to (read: no mistakes). i knit constantly to have that thing done over break, but i sure do love it and have used it ever since.

in 2007, i would like to make a new friend, a gainesville friend. i would also like to knit a “real” article of clothing for myself. and socks (i’m going to post my dyed sock yarn and such as soon as i can get a good picture of it). i hope that this will be a good year. maybe i’ll finally figure out if i’m normal. or something like that.
anyway, happy new year to everyone and i hope that it starts off well! i’ll be back with more of the holiday knitting backlog (and the weird things meme) soon!

6 Responses to “happy new year”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Ren, you are incredible. For someone who just learned to knit, I can’t believe what you have accomplished with your knitting in a year!
    I love your needle case. I need to make one. Great idea as well as being pretty and useful :)

    Hope that 2007 brings much happiness.

    happying knitting :)

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Ren,
    my word if in 2007 I knit 1/4 of what you knit this year I’ll be happy.I can’t believe you only learned to knit this year! YOu rock!!!
    As for seeing about being normal???? What is normal anyway??? I don’t think anyone is, everyone has their own struggles to go through. Embrace it, it makes you who you are!
    Happy New Year!

  3. kristi and otis Says:

    I know another thing you did in 2006 – you made two boys VERY happy with some very cool and unique knit toys that all my friends and fam comment on ;) Happy New Year! BTW – normal is SO boring – don’t sucumb to it!

  4. Nora Says:

    219?!?! Er, do you knit in your sleep?

    Happy New Year. x

  5. KnitterBunny Says:

    And I thought I was bad with all that I’ve knitted. lol I’m so glad that you wandered over to our little KAL. :) It’s been interesting getting to know you.

  6. Procrastiknitter Says:

    Happy New Year Ren! Go check out the Soaring Eagles Project Blog! You won a prize!!!

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