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camera case pattern! January 7, 2007

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winter break is over now and i’m back at school. classes start tomorrow… let’s just say that i’m a little less than thrilled. what i am, however, excited over is my latest knit, a case for my Christmas digital camera. it’s not terribly difficult, but i think it came out well, so i’m going to share my pattern (and so i remember how to knit it, too!). it’s the first pattern that i’ve typed up, so hopefully it makes sense!

felted camera case/accessories pouch


  • approximately one-half skein of lion brand lion wool color cadet blue (or any other comperable worsted weight wool)
  • size 10 16″ circulars
  • tapestry needle
  • 7in zipper
  • needle felting tools (optional)
  • materials for felting

pre-felting: 16sts x 24 rows for ~4in square
post felting: above square becomes ~3in x 3in

size: (post felting) 6in long x 3.25in tall x 1.5in wide

note: my camera is 2.25in tall, 3.75in long, and 1.25in wide. this case fits my camera a bit loosely, but quite comfortably. if your camera (or your accessories, etc) is a different size, you can certainly modify the pattern quite easily based on your gauge swatch. felting is guesswork, so your pouch may come out a bit differently than mine did. just saying.

for bottom (using circular but working flat): cast on 21 stitches
work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 1.75in

for sides of bag (working in the round): pick up 10 stitches on each short side of the rectangle and 21 stitches for the long side for a total of 62 stitches. work in the round in stockinette stitch (knit every round) for 5in and then bind off all stitches. weave in ends.

felting: this is a matter of preference, and there are plenty of tutorials on how to felt items. i’ll explain how i felted, but feel free to use your own technique. set washing machine to small load, hot water, heavy duty agitation. put knit pouch (in lingerie bag) and jeans (for agitation) in washer. add small amount of detergent. turn machine on, using longest agitation cycle (mine was 14 minutes). check progress at various intervals, especially before the machine ends the agitating cycle. repeat agitation if necessary (i only had to do it once). when the washer is done, put items in dryer and dry OR block pouch and air dry. my pouch naturally conformed to the shape i wanted it to, so i was ok to machine dry it (certainly speeds things up!) but if yours doesn’t, blocking might be the best option.

needle felting: to me, the design is what makes my bag so cute. if you don’t have needle felting tools (which i got for Christmas and absolutely adore), you can certainly embroider a design, add another type of applique, or, if you prefer, skip this step altogether. just follow the instructions for whatever method you choose.

zipper: i won’t lie, my mom did this part for me, but it didn’t seem too difficult. my zipper was about an inch too long, so we tacked one end (the closed end) down on the inside of the bag. you can’t even tell the difference. when you sew the zipper in, you can stitch in the felting, so that the stitches don’t show on the outside of the bag. if that paragraph made no sense… i apologize. like i said, mom helped with this part. if zippers give you the creeps, you can probably use velcro, snaps, or some kind of button closure.

that’s all! if it seems really daunting, it’s only because i’m very wordy, promise! the knitting only took a few hours, the felting is only one wash cycle, and the finishing is fairly minimal. if you do knit one up, i’d love to see!

one added benefit of using this as a camera case is that the camera strap can hang out the side and be used as a pouch strap. you could make a zipper pull instead.

um, i suppose i should mention that this is my pattern, so don’t claim it as your own or post it as your own. just give credit where it is due. you can use it for your own personal use or for charity. if you want to sell items made from this, please just let me know. i’m actually quite nice.


2 Responses to “camera case pattern!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute :)

  2. Procrastiknitter Says:

    Super chic Ren!Good luck with the new semester! Your package was sent off Saturday! (((HUGS)))

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