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six weird things January 12, 2007

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ok, so i’ve been tagged for this meme multiple times and i’m finally getting around to doing it. more like, i had to think really hard to come up with weird things. i’m so normal, you know.

1. i am not what you might call a typical college student. i don’t like football / sports, partying, or drinking, and i’m actually fairly concerned with studying and schoolwork.

2. my culinary tastes are that of approximately a six year old. some of my favorite foods are hot dogs, pop tarts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish, pizza, candy, ice cream, cake, and chicken fingers. when i was very small, i used to eat bread sandwiches (as in, nothing between the bread), so i guess i have come a long way. ^^

3. i drink water like crazy. waiters/waitresses probably hate me because my cup is always empty at restaurants. this one has a bit of a logical background story, though, at least. a few years back i was in indiana visiting my grandparents and we went to the flea market. long story short, i managed to pass out in the gravel and, after that, i realized i had to keep myself more hydrated.

4. i don’t have a driver’s license. i don’t want a driver’s license. unfortunately, i need one. i’m going to have to work on that.

5. i am still dreaming that when i turn twenty, (next month! i’m so old, HAHA) all my zits and acne will magically go away. i am not horribly afflicted, but still!

6. i have an “irrational and unhealthy fear” of calling people that i don’t know or don’t know very well on the phone. sometimes i have phone breakdowns.

i’m stopping now! i got to number four and couldn’t think of anything else, but now that i finally have six, i keep thinking of a bunch more things. O_O i’m not going to tag anyone simply because i think that i’ve already read weird things from just about everyone that reads here, but if you haven’t done this yet and would like to, by all means, consider yourself tagged. ^^

switching gears, i have another red scarf project scarf done and i’ve been working on a few of the fun-fur chemo caps (i really do like fun fur, actually, i just didn’t think i did for a while because i didn’t have any use for the fur in my stash until now). they’re really fun to knit!

red scarf project scarf #3
i. love. this. scarf. that’s why you get three pictures of it, haha. i used just about every red yarn i had in my stash (and finished off all of them! how productive of me) and alternated them in threes held together (cause this was on size 35 needles). it ended up sort of stripey, but i think it looks pretty good because they’re all in the same color family. can you tell how it has stripes at all? but because it’s three strands held together and it was on such large needles, it’s incredibly thick and cozy. if i hadn’t knit it specifically for this cause, and if i didn’t live in florida where it hardly gets cold enough… well, let’s just say it might not be getting sent out in the mail. ^^

4 Responses to “six weird things”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Goodness Ren I didn’t realize you were a wee young whipper snipper * sounds funny for me to be saying that* but really you seem much older than 19. Now your six things weren’t so weird considering we are almost the same lol
    POP TARTS ALL THE WAY!!!! and the phone thing, totally know that and the passing out thing lol weird!
    Say you don’t happen to haveout of wack motion sickness too do you ??? hehe

  2. hakucho Says:

    My son, who is almost the same age as you, is just like you in regards to being a serious student, etc….so I don’t think you are weird at all.

    Your red scarf project scarf is so pretty. The person who receives it should be thrilled with it, that is if looks at least half as good as it does on you! I hope you are going to make one for yourself, too.

    happy knitting:)

  3. jase0517 Says:

    1) We will get you and Paola to like football, damn it.
    2) One salad, hold the vegetables.
    3) I drink water like crazy too. And it’s swap meet, not flea market!
    4) My driver’s license (permit) is expired, but I still use it when I need ID.
    5) My sister is selling this stuff for acne, it’s really good! I’ve tried Proactiv, I’ve tried prescription stuff, and this is the only stuff that really works. You should buy some!
    6) I don’t like calling people either. The anxiety, I tell you, we are unhealthy people!

  4. Nora Says:

    I hear ya on the pizza! And I love your red scarf. x

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