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crochet! January 28, 2007

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i was going to post a pattern for a little pouch i knit up earlier in the week, but some of my homework has gotten me so frazzled that i think it will have to wait until tomorrow or early next week. hopefully i can remember what i did until then. it was pretty simple, so i think i can handle it. ^^

mom came down last night with some women from church (this morning was ladies day at the church i attend down here) and that was really enjoyable. besides getting to see mom and quite a few women from my home church family (i love my home church. nicest people!), i got a nice dinner at macaroni grill (who goes to macaroni grill and eats the kids cheese pizza, i mean, really? haha) and leftovers that i ate tonight, lots of yarn, and a bunch of other random things i had asked for, like nail polish for my needles (as per jill’s suggestion), clear glue for another crafty project (which i’ll show when they finally dry), etc. all in all, a very good time! ^^ (if you made it through that last extremely long run-on sentence, i applaud you!)

as far as the KPMG competition (the reason for last week’s expensive dinner) goes, i made the team. i am both excited and a bit stressed over it, as i mentioned before, because of my current courseload and the fact that i am utterly confused in more than one class. i am not normally so confused, especially since i have been working hard to keep up with everything. i don’t want to be a “complain about everything school-related” kind of girl (though i do have a nice little sob story saved up for next week), so i’ll leave it at that. as far as being chosen for the team, it was basically random, so i just got lucky. we’ll see how it goes!

in happier, more crafty news, i finished my first ever crocheted item earlier today. for some reason, i could never understand how to go from a chain to a piece. that first row was the problem. i could chain and i could crochet onto a knitted item, but the step in the middle eluded me. can’t say it’s all better, but, hey, i made a hat! that’s something, right? ^^

this hat was crocheted with red heart super saver and a size k hook. the pattern said to single crochet in the back loop of all the stitches, which made it ribbed and stretchy. in order for it to cinch at the top without much bunching, one row out of very four was 30 stiches rather than the full 36. it was really rather simple to do, although i think i held the yarn strangely or something, because my fingers hurt a lot after a while. when/if i get better, i’ll probably learn a different, more comfortable method. hope so, anyway!


5 Responses to “crochet!”

  1. Splindarella Says:

    Good going, Ren! I’ve been a crocheter since I was a very little girl so it seems so natural to me…knitting was always the bigger challenge. I’m glad you finally conquered crochet — with both skills under your belt the sky’s the limit! LOL

  2. hakucho Says:

    Congratulations on making the team!! You’ll be fine…that wonderful :)

    I’m so glad you got to learn crochet! Your hat is lovely! It is a really useful technique to know and sometimes you can even combine the two. Even though I’ve been crocheting for ever…I still prefer knitting.

    Happy chrocheting and knitting :)

  3. jase0517 Says:

    Whoops, I think my message didn’t go through, let me try again:

    Congratulations! And I sent the presents!

  4. Missy Says:

    Congrats on making the team! I bet you will have alot of fun. I love your hat. I didn’t even know you could get ribbing like that by crochetting. I guess you learn something new every day.


  5. Erin Says:

    I crocheted over the weekend too, and my left index finger got sore (because I was always stretching it up to keep tension on the yarn) and really cold. The rest of my hand would be warm, and that finger would be freezing. Weird.

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