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first sock! (and a contest!) February 4, 2007

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thanks to all of you for your kind words and prayers on behalf of my grandma. we still don’t know when she’s having surgery; she’s meeting with the surgeon on wednesday and i suppose we’ll know after that. i started (and finished) the first of her footies today. it’s my first “real” sock ever. i had a few problems with the heel, (mostly from not paying close enough attention) but overall i think it went really well. the picture is horrible, i know, i’ll be sure to take better pictures (and talk more about them) when i have both done. (yes, there is a jeans imprint on my leg, and yes, the door is really that dirty, please don’t ask me why… it was like that when i got here).

it seems that i am indeed on a lucky streak. this morning i found out that i won a prize over at the red scarf project blog. rowan felted tweed… how gorgeous!

because i have been so insanely lucky (randy says i should play the lottery ^^) and because i think someone should get to be happy on my birthday while i’m slaving away on an accounting exam, i am having my own little contest. i’ll probably add pictures of the prize later, but it’s a skein of malabrigo in peach tree (mostly browns and oranges), a skein of patons pebbles (blue), and probably a few magnets or something.

here’s how it goes: (because i love how kelli does her contests)
if you want in, between now and approximately 10:30pm EST friday february 9th (whenever i get back from my exam and am able to think again), you should leave me a comment (on this post, please) telling me about a memorable birthday experience. happy, funny, sad, whatever you want. on friday, i’ll tell about my somewhat memorable tenth birthday (a decade ago, sheesh!) and choose the winner (randomly). sound easy enough? oh, if you don’t knit, tell me a story anyway! if you win, maybe i’ll knit you something. ^^


10 Responses to “first sock! (and a contest!)”

  1. hakucho Says:

    You did a beautiful job on the footie for your grandma :) I still have her in my prayers and will continue to…
    good luck on your exam :)

    Make sure you study and don’t get lost in your knitting ;) (Keep in mind it’s the mother in me talking and not the knitter!)

  2. KnitterBunny Says:

    Love those one skein footies. I made a pair for myself, but I should really make my grandma a pair too.

    Hope everything goes well for your grandma.

  3. tania Says:

    hee! what good timing-a contest!
    that footie is lovely- i love the cabling!
    best wishesand prayers for your grandma-
    most memorable b-day has to be my 30th! I made sure it was an even because I was kind of apprehensive of the big day. I planned a roller skating party. My best friend surprised me with a dinner at a mexican place with all my pals and after we went skating. The rink was crazy- a total scene of people REALLY into it- like a time warp into 1982. and little did we know, it was PRO night, and everyone was going super fast. we could barely get on the rink! it was a great laugh and a good way to ring in big #30-

  4. Missy Says:

    Oooh I love the sock! So pretty! Good luck on your accounting test! I was an accounting major in collage also, but I quit and went to cosmetology school! Big mistake!!!

  5. Erin Says:

    Okay, I could probably come up with something better, but right now all I can think of is my most recent (30th) birthday, when I went to Chicago with my mom, sister, and aunt. I drank way too many martinis of many different flavors, and on the walk back to our hotel I decided to lie down on the ground for some reason. There are pictures of me lying on the sidewalk next to a statue of an angel. I look really happy in the pictures.

    Wait…I didn’t read any of the previous comments. I hope everyone else isn’t telling stories that are all heartwarming and stuff.

  6. Missy Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you weren’t stuck in the bad weather.

    ;>) Mis

  7. Splindarella Says:

    LOL – I love your footie AND your contest idea! So, here goes….

    My most memorable birthday was my 22nd. I’d had a *terrible* 21st birthday — a complete disappointment — and I was so relieved when my 22nd came around because the pressure was off. You know, the 21st is supposed to be such a big deal and all, so I was really happy that 22 was a “nothing” birthday. I didn’t bother to tell anyone and just invited two of my closest girlfriends over for dinner. Well…on my birthday this guy I’d gone out on one single date with several weeks earlier showed up at my job with a birthday card (on our one date, he’d asked my birthday and I’d told him, not thinking anything at all about it). Of course, my coworkers then made a big deal about it being my birthday, which was sweet and fun. Then, I got back to my dorm and found that my RA had remembered it was my birthday and had decorated my door with a big poster, so all my floormates knew about it, too. People stopped by and wished me a happy birthday, my roommate gave me a card…it was very sweet. When my friends came over for dinner, they too had found out it was my birthday and brought me flowers and presents. I was so touched by how sweet and considerate everyone was, and I’m convinced that it was mostly because I’d expected absolutely nothing at all to be special about that day (and I was fine with it being that way) that every little unexpected surprise was all the more sweet and special because of it.

  8. jase0517 Says:

    I would say my most special birthday for my family was my first, because that time the year before, nobody knew if I’d make it past 24 hours. I was born 10 weeks prematurely, weighing 2 lbs, 13 oz. Not to mention my Dad lost his first son (in his previous marriage) within his first 24 hours, so he was naturally apprehensive over my chances. Anyways, I’ve seen video – my sister tickled me at one time, so I cried. They brought out a cake with fire, so I cried. There were lots of weird Korean people, so I cried. :-)

  9. Kim Says:

    Oh! I have a good birthday story. For my 18th birthday my mom woke me up and made me get ready because she wanted me to run some errands with her. Then there was a knock on the door and it turns out that my crazy group of friends were kidnapping me… and my mom had been in on it. So… they threw me in the back of their car BLINDFOLDED and drove off to who knows where! They told me they would take off the blindfold if i guess where we were going. So, I guessed St. Augustine and that was right. We got to St. Augustine and ate lunch at a little place with a lot of pigeons! Then we went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and spent a few hours exploring the bizarreness. We did a bunch of other stuff too. Overall it was a really funny and crazy day!

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