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happy birthday to meee! (part two) February 11, 2007

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the birthday story about me that seems to get told most often is the story of my tenth birthday. it was a sunday, and, as we do on sundays, we went to church. this particular sunday, there was a wedding for two hippies (i am not being mean, they were genuinely hippies). well, being ten, i wasn’t too interested, so i went into the storage room with some friends and watched a movie (there was a couch and TV in there). when i came out, my family was gone. they had left me at church on my birthday. both had gone home, thinking i was with the other parent. luckily, another mom at church was able to take me home in time for my birthday party, which, was, by the way, really cool. we used ideas from american girl magazine. i had cake in ice cream cones and a favor hunt that had ribbon all over the house and… i still remember it, if that’s any indication of how cool it was. ^^ i’d show pictures, but they’re at home (and i’m not). but anyway, my friends at church still love to tell that story whenever possible.

i can’t say my birthday was that great, because it wasn’t (and quite frankly i’m glad it’s over), but i did get some very cool presents in the mail and i made myself some pretty tasty birthday cookies. so, pictures of it all!

my RA put a sign up on my door.

presents! from paola, grandma, mom, and jason.

a closer-up picture of the bracelet from mom (bigger image if you click on it). she made this for me using the viking knit technique. my mom is so incredibly talented… ^^

randy sent a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen roses. last year, for valentine’s day, there was a huge fiasco with the flowers he tried to send (they sent something totally different from what he ordered), so, in comparison, i would say the problems with this were mild. the flowers came in a box (which, how cool is that?! you put it together yourself) and the office clerk downstairs couldn’t find the package because it was TOO SMALL for him to see. the box was nearly waist high! i was very unhappy and maybe a bit emotional? but it ended up ok. they’re beeeautiful and they smell so good, too!

me, looking all happy with my new cowgirl bunny, peppermint louisa, from paola (paola currently resides in texas).

since i was all alone for my birthday, i decided to make myself a cake. but it didn’t make sense to buy eggs, vegetable oil, and a cake pan for a one-time thing (besides the fact that i have no other real use for eggs or vegetable oil) so i just made cookies instead. when i bought the dough, i told myself that if i had to make my own birthday cookies, they were going to be darn good. so i added butter cream icing and star sprinkles. yum yum!

in not so birthday news, look what i got in the mail on thursday from karen (the red scarf project prize). isn’t it pretty?! five skeins of rowan felted tweed. now i just have to decide what to knit with them!

i also finished up my grandma’s footies and my first square for the blanket of hope, but i am totally out of time for tonight and will post about those later!

p.s. it bothers me immensely that blogger seems to have spacing issues whenever i add pictures. it’s a pain to fix!


6 Responses to “happy birthday to meee! (part two)”

  1. jase0517 Says:

    Whee, I see my books!

  2. hakucho Says:

    I’m glad you had a good birthday…as good as you can without family and close friends :)
    Love your presents. I especially love the bracelet your Mom made. Very pretty :)
    I’m having problems with photo spacing too. I even tried making tables and that gets weird also.
    Happy knitting :)

  3. Missy Says:

    I’m glad that you had a some what good birthday. I think birthdays tend to go down hill after you turn 18 any way! Your flowers are beautiful!!!

  4. Splindarella Says:

    What lovely birthday gifts (and the cookies DO look great!). Can’t wait to see what you do with the yarn….

  5. Procrastiknitter Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like even though you were alone, you were througholy spoiled! ((HUGS))

  6. Kelly Says:

    ola Ren!
    Trying to catch up on everyones posts.
    Those birthday cookies look yummmmy yum yum yummy!!
    Your texas bunny is awful cute!
    It is true that birthdays just don’t seem to be as cool as when we were little but hey what can ya do.

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