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socks!!!! March 27, 2007

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ok, so, let me just cut to the chase. i just finished my first “real” pair of socks!! YAAAY! i really like them! it’s exciting.

do you see how the stripes line up nearly perfectly? that was what i was going for, but i’m really surprised that it worked. ^^

they’re a really great ankle length. i don’t wear “normal” length socks very often, especially not in my shoes. actually, i mostly wear socks in the house to keep my feet warm. they’ll be nice for both uses, which is good.

this is the socks-in-their-normal habitat picture. they’re so crazy and springy. they aren’t colors that i typically would have chosen, but i do like them. not bad at all for $1.50, yeah?

yes, i had to prove to myself that i could wear them in my shoes. for some reason i really liked this picture! but my feet aren’t that big, HAHA. ^^

2×2 ribbed socks
pattern: “formula” from knitty socks 101 (i used 52 sts and 2×2 rib)
yarn: lion brand magic stripes color bright spring pattern
needles: size 3 dpns
size: ren-sized!
comments: yaaaay! very excited. end of story. ^^

i might have mentioned last post that i finished the blanket. i did, and i even have pictures. but not for tonight! there’s too much sock excitement here tonight.

p.s. i only recently discovered the “macro” setting on my camera and i think it’s enhanced my photos a lot. you should try it if your camera has that option. ^^


back to busy March 22, 2007

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there is no easing back into school around here. i’ve had to jump right back in with both feet since i have an accounting exam tomorrow night. no complaining about it, just to say that it’s some of the hardest material in my hardest (and generally worst!) class. i really am just hoping to survive. i can’t wait for another bit of down time.

but! on to what i was talking about last week. i saw a picture of a circular/dpn case that i really liked (the link isn’t active anymore) and i decided to emulate it to make my own. mom and i did the whole thing. she even trusted me on the serger and sewing machine! haha. i love how it turned out and how one-of-a-kind it is, not to mention that the pockets are perfectly tailored to my needles (where else could you find a perfect pocket for 8 size 7 dpns? ^^). *big grin* i’m pretty proud of this one.

i also finished the blue blanket over spring break. i haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet; my camera has been acting strange and the lighting has been bad, anyway. i’ll show pictures when i get a chance! ok, i better run off to bed. so much to do tomorrow!


mmm, spring break March 15, 2007

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i am loving spring break, really. the trip to universal and getting to see the boyfriend and family and knitting and crafting like crazy and shopping and… *sigh* too bad it’s almost over already. but, i have pictures!

first, we went to universal. nora, you were right. ^^ “universal orlando” consists of universal studios, islands of adventure (their other theme park), and universal citywalk, which has restaurants, shops and a movie theater. we had dinner and saw the ultimate gift (which i really enjoyed) on friday night and then went to both theme parks on saturday. it was quite fun and the weather was pretty agreeable, too. it took us forever to get home on sunday, though. traffic was crazy, especially since it was the end of bike week in daytona and everyone was leaving.

this is me standing by the entrance to “poseidon’s fury.”

me, sitting in the nascar restaurant, wearing the mardi gras beads i caught during the parade, smiling with the hard rock cafe in the background. whoo.

i have also been finishing up some knitting projects and doing some otherwise crafty things. i forgot how much fun all that is!

i finally finished the dozen dishcloths that my grandma’s friend wanted me to knit. boy, am i glad! i love dishcloths, and i love the ballband especially, but i think i need a bit of a break from them. especially since the friend gave me exact color specifications and everything. where’s the fun in that?!

credit card holder
pattern: credit card holder
yarn: lion wool color majestic mountain (leftovers)
needles: 10.5 straights
size: after felting, 3.25in x 3.5in
comments: this was a really quick knit. i have no idea what i’m actually going to do with it, but i sure do like it! i’m especially in love with that button i found in mom’s stash. too cute!

cleo clutch
pattern: cleo clutch
comments: remember this post? well, i might have overfelted the clutch just a tad. you can barely see the cabled design in there, if you know what you’re looking for. it’s pretty small, too, about 7.5in x 4in, but i still like it. some things i knit just for the heck of it, because i like the pattern or want to use the technique or whatever. doesn’t have to be perfect and doesn’t need to have a specific purpose.

this is some vintage yarn mom found for me at an estate sale. it started out cream and very musty, but it was nothing a wash and few packets of kool-aid (one tropical punch and a half strawberry) couldn’t fix. it’s only about twenty yards and it’s kind of scratchy, but i’m sure i’ll find something for it! i love how the color turned out, anyway.

i’m still working on my blanket. only about a half-skein left to go. i think i’ll be done before i go back to school. yaaay! oh, and my best spring break project didn’t make it into this post, but will certainly be in the next one. it’s too cool, really. i’m pretty proud.


break!!! March 8, 2007

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hey guys! thanks so much for all your comments on my last post. each one of you had something unique and helpful to say and some were things that i hadn’t even really considered. you are all amazing! i’ll say this and be done with the subject: if there is anyone in my life that i have never quite seemed to be good enough for, it is my grandma. we’ve had our share of incidents over the years that i’ve allowed to color my opinions and judgments of her. i’m trying not to be bitter, but it’s pretty hard. but i’m trying, and i suppose that’s what counts.

guess what?! I AM OUT OF SCHOOL FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!! *jumps around excitedly* i’m leaving tomorrow and going with mom and grandma (the not sick one) and my visiting aunt to orlando (about three hours from home, an hour and a half from here) to go to universal and to shop and hang out for two days. should be lots of fun! and then i get to go home for the first time in two months and sleep in my own bed and see my boyfriend and just relax. i need this break. school is killing me! so i’m quite excited. ^^

i have decided that i’m going to finish my blanket (my oldest UFO) over break. it needs to be done already! there’s nothing special about it, a garter stitch blanket in blue lion brand homespun, but at the time i started it (on the plane to hawaii) i wanted something easy that i wouldn’t mess up. i got sidetracked at some point, but i want to get it out of the back of my mind, so i need to finish it up! wish me luck with that! ^^


more scarves?! March 4, 2007

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i really don’t mean to be posting only once a week! things have just been so hectic around here… i can’t wait until this next week is over and i can go home for spring break!! also, nothing too exciting has been happening around here, just lots of general busyness.

there is something that’s been bothering me that i’d love to hear your opinion about. if you give someone a gift (especially something hand-made) and the recipient doesn’t like it, would you rather they tell you that they don’t or lie and say that they do? i have to say that, personally, i would rather be lied to. there are plenty of things a person can say about a handknit that they don’t care for without making the person who gave it to them feel like they shouldn’t have bothered. i’ll admit that i may be on the sensitive side, but i think that people should use discretion when they say things to the gift-giver. i know that i am more enthusiastic about gifts that i really like, but i always try to graciously thank people that give me things, even when they aren’t my style or whatever. i think that’s common courtesy.
what it boils down to is this: my grandma didn’t like her footies. rather than thank me for the effort i put into making them or for thinking of her or anything like that, she launched into a slew of stories about how she never wears socks and always has to have her feet uncovered, etc. apparently, i was supposed to know that already. i know that i shouldn’t take the things she says to heart, but it really hurt to hear her say all that, especially because i really liked the footies and worked very hard on them. they’re my first pair of socks, even. if she doesn’t want them, i’d take them back and wear them myself! maybe she thought that if she was extra excited over the sewn pouch, she could be less than excited over the footies… i don’t know. i did what i could for her, what i thought she would like, and that’s all i could have done. i’m just not sure why she thought it was necessary to tell me how she would never wear them.

i have been knitting, though! i’ve done a few things that need to be felted, so no pictures yet of those (they look so wimpy pre-felting!).

blanket of hope square #3
pattern: i modified this “little houses” pattern
yarn: patons classic wool color natural mix
needles: size 7 straights
size: ~4.5in x 4.5in
modifications: i just used the house design from the pattern and did the rest of the square myself.
comments: i like this square! not too much else to say about it, haha.

blanket of hope “square” #4
pattern: none
yarn: lion brand wool color majestic mountain
needles: size 10.5 straights
size: base 4.5in, height 4in (area=1/2bh=(1/2)(4)(4.5)=9in HAHA)
comments: this is a fairly small triangle, but i like it! for some reason, it reminds me of a brownie girl scout badge. rebekah said she wanted some non-square shapes, so i knit one, haha.

last night i went stash-diving and randomly decided to knit a scarf out of some leftover yarns. i love going stash-diving. i don’t have a particularly large stash but sometimes i forget about yarns that i have and i enjoy feeling them and seeing them around me, too. i finished off a few skeins, so it was quite productive!

same stash-diving story on this one. i knit a big heart from a suss cousins book a while back and had some fuschia yarn left over. since i never really liked the way patons divine felt against the skin, i combined it with patons cha-cha and lion brand suede to mask the itchiness. the finished product is quite cushy and soft. the big question now is what to do with the scarves, since it’s been in the seventies and eighties down here. guess i’ll just have to wait and see if an opportunity presents itself for them! : )