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more scarves?! March 4, 2007

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i really don’t mean to be posting only once a week! things have just been so hectic around here… i can’t wait until this next week is over and i can go home for spring break!! also, nothing too exciting has been happening around here, just lots of general busyness.

there is something that’s been bothering me that i’d love to hear your opinion about. if you give someone a gift (especially something hand-made) and the recipient doesn’t like it, would you rather they tell you that they don’t or lie and say that they do? i have to say that, personally, i would rather be lied to. there are plenty of things a person can say about a handknit that they don’t care for without making the person who gave it to them feel like they shouldn’t have bothered. i’ll admit that i may be on the sensitive side, but i think that people should use discretion when they say things to the gift-giver. i know that i am more enthusiastic about gifts that i really like, but i always try to graciously thank people that give me things, even when they aren’t my style or whatever. i think that’s common courtesy.
what it boils down to is this: my grandma didn’t like her footies. rather than thank me for the effort i put into making them or for thinking of her or anything like that, she launched into a slew of stories about how she never wears socks and always has to have her feet uncovered, etc. apparently, i was supposed to know that already. i know that i shouldn’t take the things she says to heart, but it really hurt to hear her say all that, especially because i really liked the footies and worked very hard on them. they’re my first pair of socks, even. if she doesn’t want them, i’d take them back and wear them myself! maybe she thought that if she was extra excited over the sewn pouch, she could be less than excited over the footies… i don’t know. i did what i could for her, what i thought she would like, and that’s all i could have done. i’m just not sure why she thought it was necessary to tell me how she would never wear them.

i have been knitting, though! i’ve done a few things that need to be felted, so no pictures yet of those (they look so wimpy pre-felting!).

blanket of hope square #3
pattern: i modified this “little houses” pattern
yarn: patons classic wool color natural mix
needles: size 7 straights
size: ~4.5in x 4.5in
modifications: i just used the house design from the pattern and did the rest of the square myself.
comments: i like this square! not too much else to say about it, haha.

blanket of hope “square” #4
pattern: none
yarn: lion brand wool color majestic mountain
needles: size 10.5 straights
size: base 4.5in, height 4in (area=1/2bh=(1/2)(4)(4.5)=9in HAHA)
comments: this is a fairly small triangle, but i like it! for some reason, it reminds me of a brownie girl scout badge. rebekah said she wanted some non-square shapes, so i knit one, haha.

last night i went stash-diving and randomly decided to knit a scarf out of some leftover yarns. i love going stash-diving. i don’t have a particularly large stash but sometimes i forget about yarns that i have and i enjoy feeling them and seeing them around me, too. i finished off a few skeins, so it was quite productive!

same stash-diving story on this one. i knit a big heart from a suss cousins book a while back and had some fuschia yarn left over. since i never really liked the way patons divine felt against the skin, i combined it with patons cha-cha and lion brand suede to mask the itchiness. the finished product is quite cushy and soft. the big question now is what to do with the scarves, since it’s been in the seventies and eighties down here. guess i’ll just have to wait and see if an opportunity presents itself for them! : )

8 Responses to “more scarves?!”

  1. Nano Says:

    Came over to your blog via BDK’s. On the gift giving and appreciation, I think I’d like to be told when someone isn’t going to use an item I make for them. I’d rather have it back because of the effort and love that went into it. I can always give them something else. Not saying it doesn’t hurt. Just saying I’d rather keep the item or give it to someone who’d appreciate it.

    And your little pin holder is adorable!

  2. Kelly Says:

    hey Ren,
    i’m sooo with you on the don’t tell me if you don’t like it. Its the same with a gift for me. Someone went to alot of trouble to pick something out for you , can’t wait to see you open it and …. its not what you expect. I’d never want to crush someone like that so i’d thank them and make a fuss over it. Same goes for the footies. I can’t believe she didn’t like them…… HANDMADE FOOTIES GRAMS!!!! You don’t know what your missing!! It sucks when someone’s not appreciative!

  3. hakucho Says:

    So sorry your grandma didn’t like your footies…it’s her loss. I must say though I really don’t think she intended to hurt you…she just doesn’t want you to continue making her socks. They are beautiful and considering how new you are to knitting they are perfect. For the most part I would rather just not know if someone doesn’t like my handmade gift or any gift. If I did know, I’d be hurt. I was brought up to be very gracious about any gift I received and I always had to write a note of thanks no matter what.
    I love your little house square…that would make a cute dishcloth.
    I love mixing different kind of yarn together like you did with your scarves…they’re beautiful :)
    happy knitting :)

  4. Erin Says:

    Old people + Illness = No Internal Filter!

    I recently learned that with my grandpa, who was pretty sick for about a year and a half before he passed away a couple of months ago. I think he figured that he was old, he didn’t feel good, so everyone else could just deal with whatever he had to say. Plus my grandma wasn’t around anymore to keep him in line. He started saying all kinds of things that he never would have before, many of them not very nice! It was easier for me just to laugh about it. But I definitely feel for you – it’s always hard when you make something for someone that’s not appreciated! I would rather be lied to, for sure. Get those socks back and enjoy them yourself!

  5. Missy Says:

    I am so sorry that your gift was unwanted. Personly, I like to know the truth. By the way I still say that I love your socks. I would have been jumping for joy over a gift of hand knitted socks. But them i’m nut too! I sure hope this week goes better for you.

  6. g-girl Says:

    you know, I’m on the fence. I dunno if I’d rather know the truth or be lied to. I totally feel for you though. I’m so sorry that your grandma reacted so negatively about the footies (which were a fabulous pair!). You just might have to snake them back from her since she’s not going to use them. But who knows, maybe she will use them and maybe then she’ll be appreciative of them. you never know. you’ve been busy knitting!
    on a side note, next time you’re in San Diego, you have to go to @ least one of their many beaches! :)

  7. Procrastiknitter Says:

    ((HUGS)) sweetie! That happened to me twice in a week Christmas of 2005. Now, you have to realize that there is also a 3rd scenario which happened to me. Saw the scarf, said thank you and then I find out that she complained that I gave her a cheap gift (the scarf cost $40 to make) and that it was done half a$$ed and she just lets her cat sleep on it.

    I think we have all BTDT but it doesn’t make it any easier! ((HUGS))

  8. Nora Says:

    Ren, I understand how you feel and, under the circumstances, I’d be very hurt also.

    That said, I’m trying to understand how your grandma must be feeling right now.

    Is she normally so straight-forward or could this be a reaction to her illness? When people are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, their entire perspective changes and they often say and do things that are out of character.

    I’d leave the socks with her – you never know, she could be wearing them right now!

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