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mmm, spring break March 15, 2007

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i am loving spring break, really. the trip to universal and getting to see the boyfriend and family and knitting and crafting like crazy and shopping and… *sigh* too bad it’s almost over already. but, i have pictures!

first, we went to universal. nora, you were right. ^^ “universal orlando” consists of universal studios, islands of adventure (their other theme park), and universal citywalk, which has restaurants, shops and a movie theater. we had dinner and saw the ultimate gift (which i really enjoyed) on friday night and then went to both theme parks on saturday. it was quite fun and the weather was pretty agreeable, too. it took us forever to get home on sunday, though. traffic was crazy, especially since it was the end of bike week in daytona and everyone was leaving.

this is me standing by the entrance to “poseidon’s fury.”

me, sitting in the nascar restaurant, wearing the mardi gras beads i caught during the parade, smiling with the hard rock cafe in the background. whoo.

i have also been finishing up some knitting projects and doing some otherwise crafty things. i forgot how much fun all that is!

i finally finished the dozen dishcloths that my grandma’s friend wanted me to knit. boy, am i glad! i love dishcloths, and i love the ballband especially, but i think i need a bit of a break from them. especially since the friend gave me exact color specifications and everything. where’s the fun in that?!

credit card holder
pattern: credit card holder
yarn: lion wool color majestic mountain (leftovers)
needles: 10.5 straights
size: after felting, 3.25in x 3.5in
comments: this was a really quick knit. i have no idea what i’m actually going to do with it, but i sure do like it! i’m especially in love with that button i found in mom’s stash. too cute!

cleo clutch
pattern: cleo clutch
comments: remember this post? well, i might have overfelted the clutch just a tad. you can barely see the cabled design in there, if you know what you’re looking for. it’s pretty small, too, about 7.5in x 4in, but i still like it. some things i knit just for the heck of it, because i like the pattern or want to use the technique or whatever. doesn’t have to be perfect and doesn’t need to have a specific purpose.

this is some vintage yarn mom found for me at an estate sale. it started out cream and very musty, but it was nothing a wash and few packets of kool-aid (one tropical punch and a half strawberry) couldn’t fix. it’s only about twenty yards and it’s kind of scratchy, but i’m sure i’ll find something for it! i love how the color turned out, anyway.

i’m still working on my blanket. only about a half-skein left to go. i think i’ll be done before i go back to school. yaaay! oh, and my best spring break project didn’t make it into this post, but will certainly be in the next one. it’s too cool, really. i’m pretty proud.


5 Responses to “mmm, spring break”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Wow you’ve been busy! Universal is so much fun!
    I love your ballbands( but you knew I would, right?)…you do need a break after that many ;) But you know you’ll be back for more later on…

    Nice job on the credit card holder and the cleo clutch. Both very pretty and felting is the best!

    happy knitting :)

  2. Kelly Says:

    sounds like lots of fun, your ball bands look great!!

  3. Missy Says:

    Wow, so many pretty pictures in your post. So good to hear that you are having a fun spring break, and what a fun trip. Those ball band dishcloths are beautiful. I love all the bright colors. Your credit card holder and clutch are also beautiful. Have fun on the rest of your break!!!

  4. g-girl Says:

    wow, I can’t believe your grandma’s friend gave you specific color combos to go by when making the ballbands. I think I’d be sick of them too!
    that is awesome that you’re almost done with your blankie. the credit card holder is cute. what a great idea!
    love the pic of you in front of poseidon’s fury. it looks pretty cool!
    thanks for all the comments that you’ve left me on my blog too. :)

  5. Nora Says:

    Love the photos – universal looks like fun! We don’t have anything like that down here…

    Anyway – I can’t believe she gave you the specs (for the ballbands)! You did a great job though.

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