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cotton… April 5, 2007

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so, last week when i finished my socks, (which, by the way, i happen to be wearing today and they’re great ^^) i looked for something new to knit and was almost instantly frightened by the amount of dishcloth cotton in my stash. now, i know that i don’t really have that much, but it bothers me just the same. it was time for some cotton stash reduction. i’m doing fairly well, if i do say so myself.

a few mason-dixon bibs (that still need buttons) and a last-minute knitted gifts hat for a cousin who’s having a baby boy in july. i’m kind of enjoying the bibs… right now, i’m working on a girly one (i’m sure i can find a baby for it!) and i’ve got ideas for more, too.

here we have a mason-dixon burp cloth that i made to put on top of my microwave. it’s my drying rack, of sorts, as you can tell from the second picture. i can’t help it that i have no kitchen! i really like how it turned out, from the colors to the size, etc. i think i cast on 55 stitches (10 inches wide) and worked for 17 or 18 inches.
i haven’t been neglecting other projects during my little cotton de-stash, though.

i finally needle-felted and sewed in the zipper of my second camera case. i was pretty excited that i put in the zipper myself on this one. i don’t think it looks too terrible, either. ^^
oh, a few other things. we’re going to my grandparents’ house (in the tampa area) for Easter, which hopefully won’t be too eventful, but rather relaxing and fun. school is pretty blah at the moment and i’m basically counting down the weeks until summer. i joined a charity blanket project over here, which should be pretty fun. the reason i got the yarn for the socks in the last post for $1.50 is because it was on double clearance at garden ridge over the summer… i got some really good steals. our gator basketball team won the national champtionship on monday (two in a row, whoo). ok, that paragraph was random. sorry, but i’m in a bit of a hurry. management exam tonight! O_O

3 Responses to “cotton…”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Those bibs are so cute. I love that pattern and it’s so versatile! What colorway is your burp towel? So pretty! You needle felted the case?? Does that mean you did it all with the needle and no washing machine involved? I’m too curious for my own good!

    Happy Easter and…happy knitting of course :)

  2. Violiknit Says:

    I love your bibs and burp cloth! Really fun colors, too. Great job on that camera case; it’s beautiful!

  3. Procrastiknitter Says:

    Hope your exam went well! You have inspired me to make some bibs for all the babies we have coming this summer. I didn’t know what to do since they are all June and July babies who are going to be born in Southern California and Oklahoma! LOL. Thanks! The burp cloth is a very nice touch!

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