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oh, the yarn! April 12, 2007

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have you ever had that dream where you’re in a big room full of gorgeous yarn that is dirt cheap? where you stand in awe and then proceed to grab up as much as you can? (i hope that i’m not the only one who occasionally dreams of yarn!) well, something very similar happened to me last weekend. we were at my grandparents’ house for Easter and mom and i wanted to get out of the house for a little while, so we were going to jo-ann’s for buttons for the bibs that i’d finished. lo and behold, the store was closing so everything was on sale. yarn (and they had a LOT of it) was 50% off. 60% off if you bought 10 or more skeins. 70% off if you bought 15 or more. i’ll just let you guess how many i bought. ^^ i ended up with mostly patons classic wool and a jo-ann brand wool/cotton blend that feels insanely soft on my skin. i really just had to laugh at the whole thing, though. here i was knitting bibs out of little scraps of leftover cotton to “de-stash” and then i turn around and buy waaay more yarn. can’t pass up a good deal like that, though!! my yarn now only barely fits in my craft area so i can’t buy any more for a while, HAHA.

Easter was really good. i was surprised that grandma looked and seemed so healthy and normal (minus her lack of hair). i guess i was expecting her to seem much sicker, with the chemo and all. she has a lot of hope, though, so i think that keeps her active and doing well. she was wearing the slippers i made her, so maybe she did like them after all? or at least she wanted me to think she did, which is really quite sweet. we watched charlotte’s web and happy feet while we were there… both were so cute! mom gave me an Easter basket with candy and adorable hello kitty pajama pants! i can’t wait to do laundry so i can wear them.

my latest mason-dixon bibs. i also knit a pink one, but mom took it home with her. it would make so much more sense to knit bibs if i actually had people to give them to! oh well.

i can’t wait for the school year to be over! i had an exam last night, so now i’m done with exams until finals (which are only two weeks away). i always seem to get really burnt out towards the end of spring term, so i’m trying to get out of that rut and finish strong. we’ll see how it goes! i still have a few quizzes, though, so it’s not like i can relax altogether.


5 Responses to “oh, the yarn!”

  1. KnitterBunny Says:

    In class right now, thinking the same thing. Just a little while longer.

  2. Kelly Says:

    ohhh not much longer to go huh!
    You can do it!
    Can’t say I’ve dream’t about yarn.. that I can recall, but 70% off, can’t beat that :)

  3. Nora Says:

    We started the academic year last month and you’re already approaching finals!! Wish it was me…

    PS: I’m glad your grandma was wearing her slippers.

  4. hakucho Says:

    Lucky you with all your new yarn…I can see some more felting projects in your future, well, maybe…
    Glad you had a nice Easter…that must have made your day seeing your grandma wearing the slippers you made for her!
    Cute bibs, too…I love that pattern…I have to find more babies to knit for too :)

    happy knitting :)

  5. Violiknit Says:

    Oh yeah, destashing totally has to go on hold for a big sale! I love those baby bibs; don’t worry about finding babies to knit for – I used to think the same, and then all my friends and cousins started having babies.
    I hope your grandmother feels better soon.

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