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my poor wrist… April 21, 2007

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the bad news first: a few weeks ago, i was taking a lengthy economics exam (all short answer, so a lot of writing) and when i got out, my wrist was sore. now, i’ve had some problems with my wrist before, mostly some muscle seizing when i wake up in the mornings, but this was worse and it has only worsened since then. at this point, it hurts to knit, to type, to use the mouse, to write… to do just about everything i do. because i’m moving back home after next week, i’m going to wait to go to the doctor for it, so i can’t really knit much in the next few days. this might be good, since i should be studying, but most of my studying involves either the computer or writing, so it doesn’t really leave much for me to do. i’m hoping it’s nothing major, but i suppose we’ll see. my desk here (school provided) is so unergonomic that i’m sure it’s not helping the situation, either.

i. love. this. hat. i bought a skein of rowan big wool on closeout from webs and proceeded to make this soft and thick hat. i didn’t use a pattern, just cast on about 52 stitches and worked around. it looks huge when it’s not on my head, but it fits perfectly. it doesn’t even have a pointy top! ^^

yarn: bendigo woolen mills 8-ply color dusky rose (doubled)
needles: size 8 dpns
size: kids small (4-6)
comments: i saw afghans for Afghans on MDK and decided i wanted to do something for it. i don’t really have the yarn for a blanket, though, so i did something else that they asked for. i think they turned out well. ^^ if i get to do some more knitting before the deadline, then i’ll probably make another set.

travelling vines dishcloth
yarn: sugar n’ cream mill ends color dark-ish green
needles: size 7 straights
size: pretty small; about 6in x 6in
comments: the color is actually darker than the picture shows. i can’t say i was thrilled with the purl-two-through-the-back-loops, but it turned out alright. i may give this to mom for mother’s day or something.

i also crocheted another hat just like this one from a few months ago. it isn’t very exciting, so i didn’t even take more pictures.

i have a few unfinished toys that i just need to get off my chest (and out of my favorites!) and either frog or throw away. they are this chinchilla that i was knitting for my roommate for Christmas (the ears ended up the wrong size entirely) and this monkey that i was knitting for my boyfriend (i was using needles waaay too small for the yarn weight). whoo, that was cathartic, HAHA. now i can get rid of the projects when i come across them in my stash again. ^^


7 Responses to “my poor wrist…”

  1. Nora Says:

    Great photos of you and the hat! I love Rowan Big Wool. Hope the wrist gets better soon. APPLY HEAT!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    you must have been getting my telepathic messages to post cause I was just wondering where the heck you were.
    That monkey is soooo cute :)
    I love the dishcloth,don’t think I’ve come across that one before. Ummmmm a big wool hat???? Isn’t it 100 degrees there yet???

  3. Anonymous Says:

    your KLS leter is on its way. I’m a bad procrastinator. :(

  4. hakucho Says:

    Make sure you take care of that wrist. You can’t take the chance that you might not be able to knit!! Hope it feels better soon. Do go and get it checked on, ok? –It’s the mother in me talking ;)
    Your hat is so cute on you, but tell me does it ever get that cold in Florida? Love your traveling vine cloth…oh, no… now I have another one I need to knit!!

    happy knitting once you get better :)

  5. g-girl Says:

    oh can’t knit?? :( hopefully it isn’t anything too serious when you do have it checked look gorgeous in that hat and vice versa! :) i love the color of your travelling vines dishcloth too!

  6. jase0517 Says:

    My wrists/forearms are really tight and sore now, too, but I think that’s more my anxiety/muscle tension. Still, you can never be too careful, those are tender muscles.

  7. Violiknit Says:

    Sorry about the wrist…I have to be careful about that stuff too so I wear Handezes when I knit. Really lovely hat and mittens, and that dishcloth is so pretty!

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