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more socks! May 28, 2007

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most people don’t seem to get as excited about finishing a pair of socks as i do, so please don’t think that i’m crazy! it must just be the new-sock-knitter phase or something.

“antique rose” anklets

yarn: regia 4-ply color shade 1960 (maybe! it’s all in another language, so…)
needles: size 3 dpns
size: just perfect for me!
comments: i love these socks!! they were my first pair of toe-ups and my first pair with short-row toes and heels. i used some tutorials: short-row heel tutorial and stretchy cast-off tutorial. i also managed to break a tip off my needles, so i guess that’s as good an excuse as any for getting a new set! i messed up the short row toe once, but then i got the hang of it and it wasn’t so bad at all. the cast-off… well, i had to do that three times before i got one i liked. the pattern called for a little picot edge, but i really didn’t like how it looked once i did it, so i pulled it out and cast off normally, which ended up waaaay too tight, so i pulled that out and did the stretchy cast off, which worked much better. overall, i’m quite pleased with how they turned out. i still have a bit of a problem with ladders when using dpns, but i’m not sure what to do about that, since i always pull everything tight when i change needles. oh well! it’s always on the bottom of the foot, so at least it isn’t too visible.

home May 16, 2007

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contrary to popular belief, i have not actually fallen off the earth. rather, life has been relaxing and basically unexciting. i got home fine, spent nearly a week totally cleaning and organizing my room (which looks basically amazing now; i impressed myself), and spent the next week getting up at one in the afternoon and playing dragon warrior on my PS2. my boyfriend went to london and came back (with thousands of pictures of the trip). i went to the doctor about my wrist and got referred to a specialist who i can’t see until next week (though the wrist is feeling much better). i got accepted into my graduate program, which only further complicates things when people ask where i’m at in my college career. i started my online summer class. i bought a whole bunch of new clothes, so i am no longer as bitter about the whole clothing situation. and i also decided that i certainly couldn’t handle not knitting during this two week stretch. i’ve been finishing up items for “afghans for Afghans,” since they are due at the end of next week.

mittens (pair #2)
pattern: warm woolies thick mitts
yarn: patons classic merino wool color deep olive (held doubled)
needles: size 10.5 dpns
size: small
comments: more mittens. sorry for the bad picture!

child’s hat
pattern: bev’s basic hat
yarn: bendigo woolen mills 8ply color dusky rose and patons classic merino wool color deep olive held doubled throughout
needles: size 10 16″ circulars
size: small
comments: a nice, classic hat for a child. blogger is being so stupid that i want to just attack something. grr.

since it was also mother’s day, i finally felted the bowl i knit for mom. it matches the little business card holder i knit her for Christmas. i love love love how this turned out. i put Peterbrooke (aka amazing) chocolate in it. she really liked the gift. ^^

i would do more about the specs for this, but i can’t handle blogger’s line break stupidity. it’s a felted bowl from one skein in double-stranded paton’s SWS color geranium. i used size 15 dpns and i think i made the smaller bowl.

p.s. i got tagged for a meme by g-girl and will probably do it in my next post (whenever that might be).


moving day! May 1, 2007

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the majority (though certainly not the entirety!) of my stuff, ready and waiting to get out of here. i have my last exam tomorrow and then we’re packing up mom’s van and going home. yay! i’m so ready to be done and gone! ^^
if anyone has my gainesville (springs complex) address, go ahead and discard it. i’ll be living at home for the summer and then moving into a different room when i come back. if you want or need my home address for any reason, just ask and i’ll give it to you.
and now i am going to bed. tomorrow is going to be a long day.