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i’ve been so lazy! June 2, 2007

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i apologize to everyone who has sent me emails or left comments that i haven’t responded to. summer seems to have created utter laziness in me (and in my schoolwork as well!). in an attempt to get caught up, i’m going to answer some questions here rather than individually. i’ll try to be better about getting back to you in the future, though!
the graduate program i got accepted into is the accounting 3/2 combined degree program at the University of Florida (UF), where i’m currently attending. basically, at the end of five total years, you receive your bachelor’s and master’s degrees together. i’m a year ahead in school, so i’ll be getting those degrees together at the end of four years. upon receiving the master’s degree, i’ll be eligible to take the CPA exam and practice as an accountant. the whole thing is really good because it speeds up my time in school (getting me done in the same time as my friends but with a higher degree), my state scholarship will pay the undergraduate rate for my graduate classes (saving me some money), and UF has a pretty good program that the major national accounting firms recruit heavily from.
i went to the specialist about my wrist last week and he basically told me that it was “writer’s cramp” and nothing serious. what i seemed to be getting from him was that i was silly to go to the doctor about the problem and that i should just deal with it (granted, he didn’t say exactly that, but it was the feeling i got from what he was saying, you know?). he had me get a wrist x-ray and bloodwork just in case and i have to go back to see him in a few weeks. he wanted to wait and see if it clears up on its own, but i can tell you that it won’t, since i’ve had this problem for years now. it was aggrevated when i was at school, so now that i’m home it is a bit better, but what do i do when i’m back at school and it’s worse again? he didn’t seem to have an answer for that one. i suppose we’ll see how it turns out.
i’m trying to take it easy for the summer and so i don’t have too many plans. i’m taking business law through UF’s distance program (online-platform classes). i’m having a hard time getting motivated to do the coursework… it’s so much reading! but i am making some progress. i’ve also been doing a lot of knitting and video gaming and hanging out with family and friends. the last few days i’ve also been driving a little bit since i still don’t have a driver’s license and i really would like to get it by the end of summer (but we’ll see how that goes).
i won a little raffle over at bittersweet blog and it was an adorable strawberry tart. i’d take another photo of it to show here, but hannah did a much better job photographing it than i possibly could have, so i’ll just let you check it out there. i also won a contest over at kelli’s blog (in this post) and she is also currently having another contest, so if you’re interested, you should go check it out!
a while back, hakucho showed off some “double-woven” dishcloths that she made and i bookmarked the pattern because i really liked it. it does show off variegated yarn quite well.

i’ve also been working on some squares for rebuilding greensburg-block by block, but i’ll post pictures of those when i finish the little stack of them that i’m going to send.

oh, and i haven’t forgotten about the “8 random things meme,” i just haven’t gotten to it yet!


6 Responses to “i’ve been so lazy!”

  1. Violiknit Says:

    Hi Ren! Congrats! You have won 3rd prize of my blogiversary contest! Please email me your address so I can send you your sockblocker keychain! (

    Take care of that wrist! Have you shown it to a physical therapist?

  2. g-girl Says:

    you’re just winning everything, aren’t you! ;) oh, you’re entitled to be lazy right now. I can’t believe you’re taking an online course too! That is awesome about the program you’re in and that you’ll be done when your friends are done since you’re ahead in school.

  3. hakucho Says:

    I love your DW cloth! Beautiful color and don’t you just love how fast and pretty the cloth is?
    Enjoy the lazy life right now…you will be a busy girl with your upcoming program. You are smart to take advantage of such a great opportunity!

    happy knitting :)

  4. Kelli Says:

    I have wrist pain too without disease or anything that can be identified.

    I’m having a flair up right now and my Dr. told me to take 600 mg of ibuprofen up to three times a day for the pain. He was nice enough to give me a prescription, but you can take it over the counter too.

    Not sure if you can take ibuprofen, but I thought I would let you know you aren’t alone. :)

  5. Splindarella Says:

    Sounds like you’re busy, busy, busy! :) Congrats on all your contest winnings….

  6. Jodie Says:

    Nice wash cloth. I’ve been thinking of starting up a few of these soon. They make great camping projects.

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