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8 random things June 27, 2007

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today, bittersweet tagged me for a meme and i realized that i never managed to do the 7/8 random things meme. as a testament to how much time has passed since then, i don’t even remember who tagged me for it, though i vaguely remember being tagged more than once. my plan is to get this one done tonight and do the new one soon. hopefully, soon will be a bit more timely than it has been for this. anyway, here goes:

1. there is not a single white/eggshell/cream wall in my family’s house (except in the closets). i can’t even remember a time when the walls weren’t painted various colors. i must add that it’s all very tasteful, not just randomly colorful.

2. our dog, shado, thinks she’s my sister and torments me endlessly trying to get higher on the family totem pole than i am (sibling rivalry at its best). she likes to lay in the doorway to my room and growl and bark when i try to leave it.

3. i love honey mustard.

4. i am dating my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. strangely enough, there was never really much drama associated with it; she and i are still best friends and she and the bf are on good terms, too.

5. i am very afraid of cockroaches. and needles. (among other things)

6. i really dislike blogger; i had prior blogs that i greatly preferred. my favorite was probably the one i coded myself (read: had total control over). i absolutely can’t stand blogger’s spacing problems. it irks me to no end. i switched to blogger because i liked how easy it was to access and update and it seemed like it had a better knitting community. or something like that.

7. i don’t like waking up early. some people think that i can’t get up early, but that’s not true. i just don’t prefer it.

8. i love to wear flip-flops. they are more comfortable to me than my tennis shoes. i even have a distinct flip-flop tan. i’m not so crazy that i wear them absolutely all the time (like when it gets really cold), though i know people who do. a random flip-floppy comment: some of my very closest friends (who are asian) call flip-flops “slippers.” to me, flip-flops and slippers are two very different things. oh well.

p.s. i just had the fleeting thought that i could add a picture of my recent trip to SeaWorld for some color. i quickly laughed the thought off because it would mean that i’d have to deal with #6 on my list. namely, blogger would mess all the spacing up if i added a picture. sorry, guys.


6 Responses to “8 random things”

  1. Kelli Says:

    I finally got tired of blogger and switched to wordpress, still free, just easier to manipulate. lol

    Oh, and the site moves all of your previous posts from blogger (with pix) for you.

  2. Missy Says:

    Interesting!!! I am getting tired of blogger too! It always messes things up! GRRR Hope your having a great summer!

  3. jase0517 Says:

    Rubbah slippahs! (And it’s a Hawaiʻi thing, not an Asian thing.)

    You know, when you go to Wikipedia and search for “flip-flops,” it also calls them “thongs.” Never heard that before!

  4. H Says:

    Great to know a little more about you, thanks for sharing. I would highly advocate moving to WordPress as well – I have only good thing to say about it!

  5. Nora Says:

    We call flip-flops “thongs” down here! If you say flip-flop in Australia, no-one will know what you’re talking about.

  6. hakucho Says:

    I’m with you about the preferring not to get up early…I think you should just be able to get up when you feel like it and not have to get up at a particular time…but as you probably well know that – that is not the case most often. Nice to wish though?

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