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more meme-ing! July 3, 2007

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ok, update first, then a meme. i still haven’t really decided about the cardigan. thanks for all the input, though! i knit two gauge swatches and the larger one hit gauge perfectly, which is great. but then… i put it through the wash, just to make sure. the label said warm wash, delicate. i know that i won’t be able to dedicate a whole load of laundry to a cardigan (if the machines even have a warm delicate cycle!) and hand-washing is out of the question (i don’t have more than a bathroom sink when i’m in the dorms), so i put it in the cold wash, normal cycle. the washer was really full so it didn’t agitate much. you know what’s coming, right? yeah, it shrunk. i’m not sure what the next step should be now. i can’t really go up another needle size or the fabric will be way too loose and i can’t knit it as is or it will shrink and i’ll be sad. i’m beginning to think there will be lots of trauma associated with this cardigan. *sigh*

the wonderful hannah over at bittersweet tagged me for this meme:
INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:
1. Blairs Boys
2. Harmonia’s Cuppa Tea
3. Vaguetarian Tea Room
4. BitterSweet
5. Ren Knits
Next, select five people to tag:
2. Deb (hakucho)
5. Sophia (violiknit)
i tried to pick people that i thought would like to do a meme. if you aren’t interested… please don’t feel obligated.

What were you doing ten years ago?
ten years ago, as an upper-elementary school kid, i was busy ditching the third-grade look. in fact, i didn’t wear glasses again till the eleventh grade. i also loved dolls of all sorts and enjoyed making mud pies out in the yard.
What were you doing one year ago?
after my early-summer trip to hawaii (!!), i was doing basically what i’m doing right now, but with finance instead of business law.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. ice cream!
2. “100 calorie packs” of just about anything (especially cheetos!)
3. smarties candy
4. diet soda (diet coke, diet dr pepper, anything with a fruity flavor)
5. cookies
Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:
this one is really tough because i know lyrics to so many songs! i could probably choose five genres i know most of the lyrics to. iPod and i are very good friends. her name in henrietta.
1. heh. is it really bad that the first song that immediately popped into my mind was gloria gaynor’s i will survive? mom and i have been singing that one (and the mamas and the papas’ california dreaming and creeque alley) forever.
2. the number one played song on my iTunes right now is the red jumpsuit appratus’ face down. prior to my computer dying last year, the number one song was deep blue something’s breakfast at tiffany’s.
3. on the Christian side, nichole nordeman’s to know you and jars of clay’s love song for a savior probably top the list.
4. my favorite song was always michelle branch’s all you wanted. she’s part of a group now; the wreckers’ stand still, look pretty is beautifully sad.
5. ahhh! there are too many others! i think i already managed to mention nine, so i’ll stop now!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. i am generally frugal, so i’d probably put a big chunk of the money in the bank.
2. i would buy a smaller, more portable laptop.
3. i think i would sleep more since i could be less busy.
4. my music collection would be much larger.
5. i could go crazy with the knitting stash and have plenty of space to put it in!

Five bad habits:
1. i love to stay up late (the flipside of not liking to get up early) and, being particularly ungraceful, i generally manage to make enough noise to wake mom up when i’m in the bathroom getting ready for bed late at night. needless to say, she doesn’t enjoy that much.
2. i’m very easily frustrated and discouraged and i manage to spend a lot of time crabby and complaining at everyone (especially my dad).
3. i procrastinate with just about everything. works alright with blog posts but not so well with schoolwork.
4. i hate to vacuum and dust. things have to get pretty bad before i will.
5. i have a terrible time getting up when my alarm clock goes off. the snooze button is a very good friend of mine, but it makes for lots of early morning scrambling to get out the door on time.

Five things you like doing:
1. knitting! watching tv/movies falls in this category, too, since i am most often knitting while i watch.
2. playing video games (most especially RPGs, the final fantasy series is the best)
3. does sleeping count? if not, i like writing (and receiving) letters.
4. reading, although i don’t do much pleasure reading anymore. something about business and accounting texts suck the energy right out of me.
5. being on the computer/internet and just about everything associated with it

Five things you would never wear again:

you know, i honestly can’t think of anything that i used to wear that i wouldn’t wear now. i’ve been getting better about clothing and wardrobe variety.

Five favorite toys:
1. my laptop! i always wanted a laptop when i was younger and i love having one now. unfortuantely, it’s pretty chunky and heavy to carry around with me. it died on me for six weeks last year, too, blah.
2. the iPod (as i mentioned above). during the school year, i listen to music all the time, especially when walking around our massive campus.
3. playstation two. video games may be a waste of time, but i sure love them anyway!
4. my cell phone, which i use to talk to about three people. they are very important people to me!
5. blankie, sunshine, and saphira. (the blankie i’ve had since i was born, a duck stuffed animal from the san diego zoo, and a sad dragon from the boyfriend, respectively)
phew! what a long post! sorry if i bored you to death!

p.s. i am haaaaating blogger and am definitely considering switching.


3 Responses to “more meme-ing!”

  1. Missy Says:

    Interesting MEME thanks for tagging me! Too bad that your sweater isn’t going to work out for you.

  2. hakucho Says:

    Good thing you did the gauge swatch, huh? I’m love sweaters and I see so many that I would like to knit, but I usually stay away from them because I’m afraid they won’t fit right. Good luck figuring it out.

    I’ll do the meme, but it’ll probably have to wait until I get caught up after vacation (away 2 weeks without a computer…sigh…withdrawals coming I know…

  3. Violiknit Says:

    Sorry about the shrinking swatch…I hope it all works out.
    I’ve never been tagged for a meme before…I hope I do it right :)

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