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i’ve moved!! July 15, 2007

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yay! i finally decided to move over here to wordpress! thanks for suggesting it, kelli!


8 Responses to “i’ve moved!!”

  1. kristi and otis Says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood Ren – wordpress is sooo much more reliable and less tempermental than blogger ;)

  2. Kelly Says:

    hey girl! Love the new blog!! Colours are great.

  3. Woo! Love the new digs! I may have to check it out myself! ((HUGS))

  4. knitterbunny Says:

    Yo! lol Welcome to the gang. ;)

  5. rhoda Says:

    so how was the move?? ;) you asked about the wii on my blog and my response is, I like it but I’m not addicted to it. The remote is weird (since it vibrates everytime you move it!) but you get used to it. I do like that you can buy old nintendo games and play them on the system and you can play gamecube games on the system as well.

  6. TheBon Says:

    I looked for an email address to contact you with and couldn’t find one anywhere! Part of your Charity Blanket Swap gifties are being shipped directly to you. I just placed the order this morning and while I hope the there’s no invoice included in the package, there was no “gift” option so there might be. Just ignore that part! Should be there in 5-7 days and hopefully I’ll be getting the rest of stuff out to you by the beginning of next week.

  7. TheBon Says:

    Oh! Congrats on moving to wordpress! I’m lucky enough that the full version of wordpress came free with my web hostingm so I’ve been using it for awhile now. I loooove it!

  8. hakucho Says:

    Your new “home” looks just great, Ren!!

    Did you move all your posts over by hand or are you able to do it automatically?…just wondering (you know me…I’m just plain curious :)

    I know I have that meme thingie to do…it’s on my list…

    happy new blog :)

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