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blanket swatch July 23, 2007

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something about the summer seems to be making me really lazy about posting. i have actually been pretty busy, though. my mom got a new bed and so i got her old queen size mattresses to replace my twin size bed. well, my bedding didn’t fit the queen size bed (obviously), so we had to get all new bedding and then the bedding didn’t match the walls, so we had to paint the walls. the pictures on the walls and the accessories didn’t match, either, so we’re in the process of changing some of those out or painting them the right color. i’ve been meaning to take a picture of the room because it does look really good. i love the new bedding… it was bedding that i’d looked at a few years ago when i went off to college and loved, but it was too expensive. we were looking through the clearance section and there it was… half off of half off and we had a twenty percent off coupon besides that. talk about a good deal!

also, i’ve been planning for the leadership conference that i’m going to in atlanta from wednesday to friday. it’s hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a national accounting firm. i had to interview last week, so i got to go to their nearby office and meet people and be interviewed and all that. it was very strange, actually, because they sounded like they were interviewing me for an internship, when i won’t be ready for that for at least another year or year and a half. but anyway, i’m pretty excited about going to the conference and i’ll hopefully learn some and have fun, too!

i was over at my boyfriend’s last week and his mom showed me a baby blanket that her mom had bought at a garage sale in spain about thirty years ago. BF’s sister is pregnant and his mom asked me if i could figure out the pattern of the blanket and then teach her how to knit it so she could make one for her. i’d never seen the pattern before, but i think i have it figured out. what do you think?

the original:


my version:


it’s a little bit hard to tell, since the colors are different (excuse the nasty gold red heart, it’s just a swatch), but i think i got the pattern nailed. it’s a pretty cool pattern because it looks the same on the front as it does on the back. i just hope i’ll be able to teach her how to knit it!

i was tagged for the “rockin’ girl blogger” thing a few weeks ago and i DO plan on completing it… just not tonight! ^^


8 Responses to “blanket swatch”

  1. Yes you have the right pattern it is a chevron version of Feather and fan and spot on there.

  2. Jason Says:

    Ooh! Math! ;-)

  3. Nora Says:

    Love the new site! How are you finding WordPress (in comparison to Blogger)?

  4. Felicia Says:

    Very pretty :)

  5. hakucho Says:

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head. Great job replicating the pattern :)

    Isn’t that funny all that work…just because your Mom got a new bed! Lucky you getting a “newly decorated room” – enjoy!
    happy knitting:)

  6. theprocrastiknitter Says:

    Wow I’m impressed! I wouldn’t have been able to do that. How is your summer going? Do you still like WordPress, I’ve been thinking of leaving Bl0gger.

  7. Missy Says:

    I think that it looks great even on redheart. I use that stuff for alot of baby and toddler blankets since they get washed so much. You should have seen me when I had my first. I washed his blankets and bedding every day weather it needed it or not. Good thing I found a hobby huh?

  8. Sophia Says:

    Nice pattern deconstructing/reconstructing! What a great eye you have!

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