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heading back August 20, 2007

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i can’t believe that summer is over already. tomorrow morning i’m heading back to school to move into the dorms and get settled, since classes start thursday. everything is loaded up in the van and ready to go. before you ask, no i’m not ready to go back and i’m not really looking forward to it. i’m not sure why that surprises people so much…

i’ve been knitting a cotton bathmat for the last week and a half or so and i’m finally getting close to the end. it’s double-stranded dishcloth cotton so it’s really tough on my hands. i’m liking how it’s turning out, though. i hope to have it ready to put down in the dorm pretty soon.

i mailed squares off for the greensburg tornado victims (see the sidebar for the link) a few weeks ago. my stack wasn’t very big, but i’m still very glad to have been able to help.


it sure seems like i should have more knitting to show for myself after three weeks, but this is about all there is right now. i’ve been trying to spend time with friends and family before i leave, since i don’t know exactly when i’ll be home again.

i almost forgot! i got the blanket for the charity blanket swap last week… you can read more about it here. i’ll show pictures of my addition and the blanket once i get it finished. ^^


atlanta August 1, 2007

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like i mentioned last post, i spent the end of last week at a leadership conference in atlanta with PwC. the thing about these big 4 accounting firms is that they really want to get the best students to come work for them upon graduation so they spare no expense for their events (remember my dinner back in january?).

we stayed at the intercontinental buckhead, a four star (i think) hotel. this is the picture from the postcard i bought.


the rooms were gorgeous and the bed was really fluffy and comfortable. it was a far cry from the hotels we generally stay at during family vacations! : )


also, the view from the 11th floor room was great, too! on the right, you can see some of the construction that they were doing all over the area we were in.


at night, the building in the middle had funny green lights on it. i really liked sitting in the window box and just looking out at everything. (sorry the photo is so blurry)


besides the conference activities, they took us to the georgia aquarium. it was lots of fun! i even got to touch a ray, a shark and an anemone. plus they had jelly beans with dinner ! this creature really scared me… for some reason it reminded me of aragog from harry potter, even though this was nowhere near as big (and it’s a crab, not a spider).


for some reason, i love to see jellyfish in aquariums. they look so calm and serene. granted, when i see them dead out on the beach or floating around in the water, i have less affinity for them… the part where they could sting me, you know?


you may notice the lack of pictures from any of the actual conference activities, haha. i was too busy to take pictures of that. it was fun and i’m glad i went, but i don’t think i learned as much as i thought i would. i was certainly tired afterwards, though! i slept for most of the next day after i got home! : )