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atlanta August 1, 2007

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like i mentioned last post, i spent the end of last week at a leadership conference in atlanta with PwC. the thing about these big 4 accounting firms is that they really want to get the best students to come work for them upon graduation so they spare no expense for their events (remember my dinner back in january?).

we stayed at the intercontinental buckhead, a four star (i think) hotel. this is the picture from the postcard i bought.


the rooms were gorgeous and the bed was really fluffy and comfortable. it was a far cry from the hotels we generally stay at during family vacations! : )


also, the view from the 11th floor room was great, too! on the right, you can see some of the construction that they were doing all over the area we were in.


at night, the building in the middle had funny green lights on it. i really liked sitting in the window box and just looking out at everything. (sorry the photo is so blurry)


besides the conference activities, they took us to the georgia aquarium. it was lots of fun! i even got to touch a ray, a shark and an anemone. plus they had jelly beans with dinner ! this creature really scared me… for some reason it reminded me of aragog from harry potter, even though this was nowhere near as big (and it’s a crab, not a spider).


for some reason, i love to see jellyfish in aquariums. they look so calm and serene. granted, when i see them dead out on the beach or floating around in the water, i have less affinity for them… the part where they could sting me, you know?


you may notice the lack of pictures from any of the actual conference activities, haha. i was too busy to take pictures of that. it was fun and i’m glad i went, but i don’t think i learned as much as i thought i would. i was certainly tired afterwards, though! i slept for most of the next day after i got home! : )


9 Responses to “atlanta”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Glad you had a good time. Very nice accommodations. I love aquariums. I love seeing the penguins and watching them being fed. That’s my favorite part. Hope they had penguins in Atlanta :)

  2. Missy Says:

    Those are some really neat pictures. It looks like you had alot of fun, and the hotel looked awesome!!!

  3. Jason Says:

    Just come back to Hawaiʻi 7-10 days after a full moon, you can see all the jellyfish you want. ;-)

  4. looks great. I had nice views in melbourne by night when I was in the apartment for 3 weeks before Easter. I would sit and knit by night watching the planes fly over and the lights about.

  5. LOVE the jellyfish photo! And your blanket swatch from the previous post looks terrific….

  6. Sophia Says:

    I’ve stayed in a few Intercontinentals, and they are pretty nice indeed! Love the pics of the jellyfish!

  7. Paola Says:

    REN! I got the postcard, sorry I fell off the planet again. I’m working on finding another job before school starts T-T I LOVE YOU!!! I wish my bed looked like that…I want to steal the comforter…

  8. Nora Says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m glad you had a good time – very well deserved after all that study. :)

  9. Nora Says:

    Oh, and thank you for your email re WordPress -vs – Blogger. I’m considering my options. Then again, there’s Typepad… :)

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