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resurfacing October 6, 2007

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this school year is quickly becoming my most intense one yet. every time i think i have a few minutes to post, i remember something else that i’m supposed to be doing. as it turns out, right now i should be writing emails thanking my most recent interviewers. or studying for an exam. or watching lecture. or sleeping. sleep would be very good. but anyway!

over three months ago, the very lovely sophia nominated me for a rockin’ girl blogger award. at the time, i had thought of my five (untagged!) people and what i was going to say about them and everything, but i never got around to actually posting about it. the comment email has been sitting in my inbox since the first of july and it’s time to get it out of there. it seems a bit silly to tag anybody now, since it has been so long, so i’m just going to apologize and not complete this one. i had good intentions, though, i promise!

 changing gears, a few weeks ago, i came back to my room after class and found this:



do you see that, in the upper right hand corner? do you know what that is, all over my pretty, relatively new, bathmat? yes, that’s right, it’s a BLEACH STAIN. apparently, the cleaning lady came in and didn’t bother to move the mat when she was cleaning and so now it’s basically ruined. i’m still using it and everything, but i was really upset. i’m sure you can sympathize with me, though, considering how much time and effort went into it. it almost makes me not want to knit myself nice things… almost.

in happier crafting news, i finished up the embroidery school lessons. i have to wait until i go home to sew up the squares (i want to either frame them or make a pillow, we’ll see), but the main embroidery work is done, at least. i think they turned out pretty well.


 anyway, i’m in the midst of a few scarves for the red scarf project now (i broke out of the slump) and i hope to have pictures up soon. the scarves have to be sent in next week, so i need to get a move on!

also, i am waiting for my new knitpicks sock needles and yarn to come in the mail… i want to knit more socks! i am anxiously anticipating all the wonderful pairs of socks i will be able to complete once the package arrives… too bad i won’t even have time to knit them! *sigh* a girl can dream, right?


6 Responses to “resurfacing”

  1. Kelly Says:

    HEY!!! long time no see!!!
    sorry about your bath mat :( Dang cleaning lady!!! Is it all the way through to the other side???? You need to leave a big ole note to PICK IT UP!!!!
    Your embroidery looks great, and i’m glad to here you’er planning on knitting more socks :)
    Knit oN!

  2. Nora Says:

    Beautiful embroidery. I’m sorry about your bathmat. I SO know how you feel. Cleaning ladies are notorious for doing things like that – and worse!

  3. Missy Says:

    Oh, Man that really sucks. Maybe you can take a few rows out and fix it??? Love your embroidery work. Glad to hear your out of your knitting slump. I’m not much of a scarf knitting person. I haven’t worn any of the ones I have made yet, except the one with the hood on it.

  4. Jason Says:

    That’s just terrible, I know it’s not a hotel but you’d think they’d be more considerate.

    That’s all I had to say; I’m busy too, gotta get back to whatever it is I’m doing. :-)

  5. hakucho Says:

    Gosh I’m reading your post backwards and NOW I AM REALLY MAD AT YOUR CLEANING LADY!!!! Twice she spilled bleach…she is either very cruel or VERY VERY STUPID!!!!!

    Sorry I can’t help it when I see people not respecting beautiful handknitting!!!

    Oh, and your embroidery is perfection :)

  6. Sophia Says:

    Oh! What a shame about your bathmat :( Can you get some knitpicks or koolaid dye and color it in? What beautiful embroidery you’re doing!

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