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finished projects galore! October 22, 2007

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in my last post, hidden underneath the bathmat fiasco, i briefly mentioned the fact that i was out of my slump and knitting new things. too bad it’s taken me nearly two weeks to post about any of it! i’m sorry i’ve become such a delinquent blogger… school and interviews and all that has been keeping me more than busy. turns out that i’d rather be knitting than blogging, haha.



red scarf #1 is my so-called scarf knit on US 11 needles with Moda Dea Tweedle Dee in color surf ‘n turf. i absolutely fell in love with this yarn (and it was on sale, too). i understand it isn’t red, but i felt like it was the most “gender-neutral” of my options. if i made this scarf again, i would definitely go up a needle size because it was pretty hard for me to work with. it turned out well, though!

red scarf #2 is a basic garter stitch scarf knit on US 9 needles with Patons Classic Wool in colors dark natural mix (i think) and bright red. i found the yarn in my stash and figured it was as good as any for a scarf. ^^

i’m much more pleased with the scarves i donated this year as compared to last year. maybe that means my knitting is improving? we can hope so, anyway!


i also got my Ghana project squares finished and sent. i no longer have any machine washable scrap yarn in my stash, which is really exciting. this project is run by one lady who seams together all the afghan squares she receives, adds borders, and everything… she has 27 afghans to send on the next trip! such a good project! ^^

speaking of charity projects, Rachel is doing the soaring eagles project again this holiday season. this time she’s asking for mittens and socks/slippers for elementary age children. i can’t wait to get started!

and, last but not least, i am about an inch away from finishing my first magic-loop sock. whoo! there won’t be pictures until i have the pair done, though.


7 Responses to “finished projects galore!”

  1. Jason Says:


    Um, IDK what else to say. Good to see you’re still alive and sane?

  2. Kelly Says:

    ohhh love the my so called scarf!!!
    The Ghana project, i’d never heard of it before, thanks for the link.I’ll have to knit some squares!

  3. Missy Says:

    Hey! I Love your scarves they are so pretty. I love the yarn in the one on the left side. How’s school going this year?

  4. abe-hap Says:

    I thought you must have been busy knitting as its been a while. Did the poor bathmat get a decent burial or are you still using it?

  5. hakucho Says:

    My, you have been a busy knitting girl. Glad to see you have not given up on knitting. Your scarves are beautiful and that’s a lot of squares. It is a great way to use up odds and ends of yarn :) Great work for great causes.

    happy knitting :)

  6. Nora Says:

    There should be more people like you, Ren. Good on you.

  7. Sophia Says:

    Gorgeous scarves! I love the colors you chose! What a tall stack of squares for your Ghana project; great job!

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